Friday, September 9, 2011

NetGalley and My Nook... (help, please)

... they just don't want to get along.

Seriously. I downloaded Adobe Digital Reader, I dragged the books over to the Nook while it was plugged in, I unplugged it properly... then I try to open the file.


Well, not nothing, just blank black screen. Which is essentially nothing, since that's what it looks like while turned off.

I read up on different forums and blog posts about this, and apparently the Nook has a problem with PDF's. I also read that there's a way to change PDF's to the EPUB type file so that the Nook will allow you to read it. My only problem is the following: Our computer has already crashed twice this year and we just replaced the hard drive to fix this. I do not want to go to some random site without knowing it is safe and won't download a virus to this computer.

I'm sure there's an easy way of fixing this situation. Otherwise there's no point in me getting these books from NetGalley. I want to read and review them! Do my part!

Anyone else face this situation before? Could you help me please?

Thank you all so very much in advance from the bottom of my heart!!!



  1. What generation do you have? I have the 2nd (the touch), but I thought when you went to download on NetGalley there was an option to download it in epub format. I thought it was labeled specifically for the Nook. You can convert PDF to epub, but I haven't done it and I also heard its illegal to do.

  2. Interesting... I have the Nook Color, newest version (at least, I got it back in May/June).

    It did not give me the option for EPUB, which made me kinda irritated. They only offer two options: "download galley" and "kindle". When I click "download galley", it just tells me that I need Adobe Digital Reader to download the file. You'd think they would give me an option specifically for the Nook.

    I'm glad to hear that about converting, I didn't want to do anything without knowing more about it. Considering it's not legally my file to tamper with, I didn't want to do anything I wasn't allowed to do. Thanks!


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