Sunday, September 25, 2011

Spoiler Edition: Gossip Girl Season 5 Tomorrow Night--Woot!!!

Ah! Gossip Girl! Here's a bunch of Promos and Links to spoilers for my fellow Gossip Girl fans. ^_^

Sorry I don't have much else to say, I don't have much time! Enjoy!

~Gossip Girl Dan + Blair
Dan + Blair Tensions
~Blair Prepares For Wedding
Ed Westwick & Fashion Week
~Gossip Girl Set Photos Sept 7th
First Look At Gossip Girl Season 5!
~Interesting & Puzzling Gossip Girl Set Photos
Spoilers: Serena Finds Purpose, Blair Balances 3 Boys
~GG Actors On Set August 30th
Chuck's New Love Interest?
~No more Jenny & Vanessa?!
No More Eric Either?
~More Set Photos
Chuck Bass Walking a Dog?
~On The Set Aug 10th
Chuck & Blair Spoilers + More On Pregnancy Being Very True (no word on who)!
~Ed Westwick... PICTURES!
Dan Playing Softball
~Blake Lively & Ed Westwick At BAFTA
And More Set Photos
~TV Line GG Preview

(That's a lotta links! I made them bold/italic so they're a little easier to look through)



  1. I am so excited about the first episode airing tonight!!!! And kinda happy that Jenny and Vanessa are out! Although that leaves room for other annoying characters who get in the way...

  2. AH!!! I know! I've gotta wait until after work tonight to watch it. I hope they don't add in too many annoying people.


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