Thursday, July 31, 2014

July Update at Thoughts + the annual corn picture

I've decided to do monthly updates instead of weekly updates here at Thoughts. So here's a racap of the month of July for you.



~*Books Finished*~


  • Boys and Toys by Cara Lockwood
  • Sex on the Beach (Tropical Trysts #2) by Delphine Dryden
  • Final Call (Call #2) by Emma Hart
  • Road Tripping by Noelle Adams
  • Tease (The Ivy Chronicles #2) by Sophie Jordan
  • Only with You (The Best Mistake #1) by Lauren Layne
  • No Regrets by Claire Kent
  • Playing to Win (Play by Play #4) by Jaci Burton
  • Kill Devil Hills by Sarah Darlington
  • Seven by Claire Kent
  • A Woman Made For Sin (Promises Trilogy #2) by Michele Sinclair
  • The Other Side of Someday (Carolina Days #1) by Carey Heywood
  • If I Were You (Inside Out #1) by Lisa Renee Jones
  • Burned (Miller Sisters #2) by Sarah Morgan


~*As for me...*~

Well then... I can't really think of much to report here... just plugging away at reading and writing and photographing and spending time with friends. OH! I did my annual "Jessica High by the 4th of July" picture. For those of you unfamiliar with this... I had this theory that the corn isn't "knee-high" by the 4th of July, but that it's "Jessica High", in other words, as tall as me. And, it always is. So I started to document it on film. Here's this year's photo:

Haha! I'm such a dork. It took me forever to find a spot I could TAKE a bloody picture because every road I drove down there was too much traffic. I finally found a road that was a dead end and nobody was on it the whole time, THANK GOD. Parked my car, set up the mini tripod on my car hood (because this is a one woman show now, folks), and took the picture. I'm wearing my new "Adventure" shirt. Oh, and if you're wondering, I'm 5'2", so, yeah--the corn be very tall! I look like a mini me next to it. As if I don't already feel short... lol. Good times.

And that's about it! I hope everyone's been having a great year, and a great summer so far!



  1. You read more books in a month than PANSI will read in her entire existence! Considering the fact that PANSI is an immortal plastic doll, this should tell you something.
    We're visiting from Herding Cats and Burning Soup.

  2. Wow that's crazy tall! I don't think I've ever actually stood by corn! lol

    1. Haha! I grew up across from a field so I stood by it constantly. Lol. :P


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