Friday, October 7, 2016

Top Five Books I Really Want to Read Soon

I want to shake things up a bit on the blog by including some Top Three and Top Five posts regarding books. Each time there will be a theme, and I've gone with an easy one this time around:

Top Five Books I Really Want To Read Soon.


1. Swimming to Tokyo by Brenda St. John Brown

This one came highly recommended from a friend (along with another by the same author) and I snagged it up when I found it on sale.

2. Leopold, Part One (Royal Heartbreakers #1) by Ember Casey and Renna Peak

I've been following Ember Casey for a long time, loving all of her stories. I won this one in paperback from a giveaway she had, so I need to get on it immediately.

3. The Summer of Lost Wishes by Jessa Gabrielle

The author is a good friend of mine and I've had absolute LOVE for this gorgeous cover, so it's a must read very soon. 

4. Stripped Bare (Stripped #1) by Emma Hart

I haven't read an Emma Hart book in way, way, way too long (I still have to finish a series), so it's high time I fix that. 

5. Sincerely, Carter (Sincerely Carter #1) by Whitney G.

I've had this one on the TBR for a long time because so many of my friends adored this book. I can't put it off any longer.


What books do you really want to read soon?



  1. They all look good. I hope you can get to them. Being engaged and planning for a wedding is crazy! I never had time to read. BTW, I could look at the cover to Stripped Bare all day! ;)

    1. I know I will! Once I finish a couple I'm in the middle of right now I'll probably be picking one of these up. And LOL! Me, too. ;)


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