Monday, April 25, 2011

My Shelves

After reading on another blog about shelving, I decided to make it my project, or, add it to my other project. I was in serious need of organizing some stuff on my shelves, mostly due to my laziness and chaotic work schedule and other responsibilities. A lot of things were getting just tossed onto my shelves... as you can see here...

There was candy, makeup, plushies, ponies, photos without frames, frames without photos... no organization (well, not too much)... It was just a disaster. And since we moved to this house, I barely bothered to care where anything was. I just let it all go. Doing this isn't a good thing for me, the less organized my room is, the more irritable I am. That's why my boss suggested I take a couple days off, just to relax. I had decided to use these upcoming days off to finish organizing my room. But, since I was bored last night...


I organized most of it! Didn't really do anything with my section of Garfield and other Sunday Comic books-slash-childhood books section. Those were already not too bad. Sure, they weren't in any sort of order, but, they look good.

And in organizing everything I discovered that I had TWO COPIES OF THE SAME BOOK. I stared at them for a minute straight. How did THAT happen? Hmmm... perhaps due to not organizing your shelves sooner?

This I am proud of--my Y.A. shelf (pre-this week's mail):

*sigh* It feels good to organize. I can't wait until I can finish the rest of my room!


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