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Jessica Sankiewicz is the author of IF ONLY WE and other clean stories. She writes both young adult and new adult contemporary romance.

Jessica spends most days binge watching TV shows, often ones she's already seen more times than she can count. She has a fondness for lemurs and their conservation. She also loves baking, especially chocolate chip cookies from scratch.

She lives with her husband in Ohio, along with her pet mice and rats.

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About Thoughts...

Thoughts At One In The Morning was started because I decided it was necessary for me to share my love of books, to learn about books I've never heard of, and to meet all kinds of others like me (in the virtual world).

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About My Books...

If Only We
Upper YA/NA Contemporary
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Release Date: October 27th 2013
At the end of the summer after graduation, Adrienne wonders what happened to cause her life to be in ruins. She isn’t getting along with her mom, her stepsister isn’t talking to her, and, to top it off, the boy she’s been in love with doesn’t want anything to do with her. She believes the turning point was a choice she made at graduation. When she wakes up the next day, she has been transported back three months to that moment, the one where everything started to fall apart.

Adrienne realizes she has been given a second chanceand this time she doesn’t want to mess anything up. Reliving the entire summer, though, turns out to be a lot harder than she thought. As the same days and weeks go by, she starts to see how simple decisions can make a huge impact on the world around her. Despite knowing some of what lies ahead, there are some things she didn’t anticipate. She thought she knew what mistake led her to where she ended up the first time. She was wrong.

And by the time summer is over, she discovers what was really at stake.

Not Until Tonight
New Adult Standalone Novella
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Release Date: May 26th 2014
Every day after work, Haley goes to the bar across the street from her apartment to get a drink. It's the only time she gets to see Skylar, her bartender and crush. She would like to get to know him as more than a friend but she's afraid he won't be interested and she'll have to go elsewhere for her after work drink.

When Skylar asks Haley to pretend to be his girlfriend for a night, she is more than happy to oblige. She finally has the chance to make something happen without risking anything. But pretending proves to be more difficult than she thought. She's not sure she can resist the pull any longer with her feelings growing stronger, and it seems like Skylar is feeling the same way.

At the end of the night, will they be willing to turn a fake relationship into a real one