Monday, May 2, 2011

Musing Monday #1 and It's Monday! What Are You Reading #1

Musing Monday is hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading and here's our question for today:

Do you care if the book’s storyline is unrealistic? Will you keep reading, or will you set the book aside?

Well, it depends on how unrealistic it's supposed to be. I can't think of anything offhand to give an example... I'd guess my reaction would probably be to start skimming through the book to see how it ends. Once a book loses it's touch, or never even gets my interest, I skim. That only happens once in awhile though. I'm usually pretty good about picking out books I know I'll enjoy.

Okay! This weekly meme comes from Sheila at Book Journey. To participate, all you have to do is post what you've just finished reading last week, what you are currently reading, and what you plan on reading this week. It's a good way to find other books you may enjoy reading. Then post a link to your post on Sheila's blog at the bottom of her What are you reading? post.

Last week I read Dance With A Vampire: book number four in the Vampire Kisses series by Ellen Schreiber, Going Too Far by Jennifer Echols, and Where She Went by Gayle Forman (sequel to If I Stay). VK #4 was good as always. I was surprised at how much I loved Going Too Far, not that I didn't trust Jennifer Echols to deliver a good story (I love her books), I just didn't realize I'd get into the story line for this one. And Where She Went, that one just surpassed my expectations for the sequel.

I'm currently in the middle of several, but focusing more on a couple: Hold Still by Nina LaCour and Sloppy Firsts by Megan McCafferty.

Up next will be some I recently picked up at the library: A Tale Of Two Pretties by Lisi Harrison (last book in The Clique series), Jekel Loves Hyde by Beth Fantaskey, and The Dark Divine by Bree Despain.

Til next time!



  1. After reading your answer to MM and What Are You Reading, I can see you won't agree with my Musing Mondays answer. Anyway, I think the many genres of books, are why we bookies enjoy reading about what others read and enjoy. Happy Reading this week.

  2. Well, I do have to say that some of the paranormal novels aren't always that intriguing to me. I'll finish one, but if it's a series, I won't read the rest. Even though I do read some unrealistic settings, I still love true to life stories a lot. :)

  3. The vampire kisses series is so sweet! I stopped at the 5th book, but it was fun!

  4. You will have to let me know what you think of Jekel loves Hyde, I have been thinking about diving into that one but haven't brought myself to do it yet.

  5. Skim! oh, I have an issue with
    I think, whatever the genre, it is important that people act in a way that seems real. Maybe human nature is the constant.

  6. I skim quite a bit when I don't like something I suppose but I have hard time throwing it away and not finishing a book just because something in it seems silly to me.

  7. Hi, Jessica. Thanks for commenting! I definitely recommend The Hunger Games. I've become quite fond of dystopian books as of late and these are definitely hitting the mark.

  8. @ readingromances: Definitely fun!
    @ Angie: Did you ever read Jessica's Guide To Dating On The Dark Side? It's pretty good. But I'll definitely let you know on Jekel Loves Hyde!
    @ caite: You know what, that makes perfect sense. "Human nature is the constant regardless of genre." That sums it up perfectly!
    @ Shannon: I don't like just not finishing either. I want to at least know what the point of the book was, then I can throw it, lol j/k.
    @ Maria: After reading Delirium, I am so looking forward to reading more of the dystopian books!

    Thanks for all the comments! <3

  9. It is definitely hard to stick with a book when it loses touch with reality. Even fantasy books have to follow some kind of rules or it gets frustrating. Have a great week!

  10. @ runnersami: You're so right! You have a great week too!


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