Thursday, May 19, 2011

Review: Perfect You by Elizabeth Scott

In honor of Elizabeth Scott Week, here's my review of Perfect You. Also check out the review from I Eat Words, the host for this review.

This story is multi-faceted. It not only has a boy likes girl, girl likes boy storyline going. There’s also her family dealing with the tension after her father’s choice to cash in his retirement fund to sell vitamins at the mall instead of sticking to his job at Corpus Software. And facing her former best friend Anna every day at school, the one who suddenly ditched her for the popular crowd and the boy she’s always wanted.

Of course, there is a boy/girl story here too. Kate and Will go to school together during the day, work at the mall at night. Kate helps her dad with his vitamin stand, and Will works at the Sports Shack. Kate has always had a problem with him for his reputation of hooking up with several girls, and he’s got the “I know I’m cute” attitude. They get to talking to each other while at work and eventually something more than irritation develops.

I really love the way their relationship progresses throughout the story. And then add on to that the other situations playing out in the background. All of them intricately woven into a wonderful coming of age tale. This is one of the handful of books I constantly pull down when I need a fix. I love reading my favorite scenes over and over. It’s my favorite Elizabeth Scott novel.


  1. I really have to read some Elizabeth Scott: she looks like an amazing author.
    Brilliant review: I'm adding this to my 'wanted' list. :)

  2. I did not know it was Elizabeth Scott week! I bought Bloom recently, that's as good a reason as any to start it next. Lucky that I've got 4 more days.

  3. This is one of my top ten books!!
    If I could, I'd hit the button and follow you a second time lol :)
    Ninja Girl

  4. Elizabeth Scott is awesome. ^_^

    @ Ninja Girl: I actually picked this one for the FF edition as 1 of the 10 books I'd take with me into a bomb shelter! Lol.


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