Thursday, May 19, 2011

Update Thursday #7 May 19th 2011

And so it goes...

1. Finished a couple books so far this week. Should be finishing another by the end of the day. I'm trying to finish all the library books quickly, since I have so many others to catch up on that I own. Especially since the last handful of books I just purchased... expect an IMM tomorrow or Saturday!

2. It's Elizabeth Scott week and that makes me excited. I'll probably only be able to post a review for the book of the day today, which is Perfect You @ I Eat Words. That was my favorite. And the one I'm most familiar with. I guess I'm pretty familiar with Something, Maybe too, being hosted @ Anna Reads tomorrow.

3. Season Finale of Bones tonight! And of The Big Bang Theory too. ^_^ EXCITED TIMES A MILLION.

4. One of my best friends went into labor early this morning. I really want to go there, but my mom mentioned that I probably wouldn't even be able to see her since I'm not family. I have somewhere to be tonight, so it would be weird to go there now, then say mid-afternoon if she's still in labor, "Well, gotta go!" It kinda bums me out, but I'm patient. I'll await seeing an update on Facebook from her or her husband. I can see her and the baby tonight or tomorrow maybe. :)

5. Tomorrow is my last Friday off for awhile. It's been nice to be able to have an extra day to take care of big projects or hang out with friends or relax. I'm really hoping that I could make it a regular thing. It'll happen just as soon as the new girl gets into a routine with the pharmacy. I want to make the most of tomorrow though!

Okay, got a list of things to do today--including paying bills and organizing my closet. So I gotta get going!


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