Sunday, June 19, 2011

I will be gone for a little bit...

... but I will return as soon as I can!

As you know, our computer has been acting up lately, giving me internet (among other) troubles. My brother's not really sure why this is happening. He's guessing it could be from the various programs downloaded. We were trying to get some good programs for antivirus protection, but I have a feeling that some of them are bogging the computer down with constant updates. He deleted the one that was causing the most trouble, but it's still running slow and freezing. Who knows what the problem is anymore. *sigh*

So we've all decided that we're going to wipe the hard drive completely. He's got the correct drivers copied to discs for re installation, and we're going to pick out only one antivirus program and never use another add on that is unnecessary.

Anyways..... he's going to be wiping the hard drive in a couple minutes and once that's done, he'll be spending the rest of the night getting the computer back up and running. I'm hoping he'll be able to get it all done tonight so I can participate in Musing Monday tomorrow and post a review. If you don't see me until tomorrow night or Tuesday, this is why.

Okay! Well that's it. Oooh, side note: I broke 100 followers! Mini party! I'll get to work on my 100 followers giveaway and have details a week from now.

Until I see you again, happy reading!



  1. Good luck. It's a love\hate relationship with computers sometimes. Congrats on the 100 mark!

  2. I have had the same problem with my computer, I have had it wiped clean twice already. We are due for a new computer! Good luck and hope we see you back soon! Congrats on the followers too!

  3. I'm back! This is the second time we've had to wipe the computer too. Hopefully it won't be necessary again!


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