Thursday, July 14, 2011

Update Thursday #15

Update Thursday #15

Welcome to Update Thursday, my own personal meme of sorts where I post an update of the goings on at my blog and beyond. Feel free to borrow the idea from me for your own bookish musings.

The latest at T@1AM...

Currently reworking out the details of my blog. I've got a list going of ideas for articles/book reviews, and I'm writing one of the articles out. I also read another article from Parajunkee, part two of the book blogger mistakes. I need to rework my blog out more! I'd like to have some guest posts by my fellow bloggers. Along with other things. ^_^


Getting caught up on my library books. Almost done with a couple. Can't wait to finish those and get caught up on my book challenges.


Restarted my story with some new plot lines. Not discarding everything I've already written, just rewriting the beginning and adding in various dialogues along the way.

Beyond books and words...

Obsessively watching Gossip Girl in my free time! (in fact, gotta get going to watch another episode)

Thanks for reading! I've been so busy with real life stuff that I haven't had the chance to do hardly anything, much less make a worthwhile Update Thursday post. That's okay. I'm still a work in progress at the moment. Bear with me my fellow book lovers!



  1. Hi :D

    Good luck with your story. I know how it feels, to restart your story (again). All those new ideas that just float around your head, and the endless posibilites as to where or what you want your characters do to.

    May I give you some advice: Sketch out any new ideas before you restart your story, other wise any new ideas will just give you a headache and it might involve restarting again. Take it from me, I ended up having more restarts than actually finishing any stories I written (I've stopped writing stories now). Have your new ideas flexible, too rigid and out pops a new idea that doesn't fit in, restart..or worse yet a new idea for a story from those new ideas you initally thought of in the first place.

    Lovely blog and good luck in your life as well, hope things go right for you :D.

  2. That's what I'm doing this time around--using notes and timelines. It's helping out a lot. Thanks!

  3. Your very welcome :]. May I ask what is your story about :].

  4. It's a Young Adult romance about a boy and girl who might be falling for each other but are too stubborn to admit it.

  5. Sounds like a really sweet story.

  6. Just been reading the "about you" section. You love cheese!! sweet I love cheese :). which cheese do you like??. cheese and pickle, fave combo !!!. Do you have any pets?? since you love cats??.


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