Thursday, July 28, 2011

Update Thursday #17

Update Thursday #17

Welcome to Update Thursday, my own personal meme of sorts where I post an update of the goings on at my blog, with reading, with writing, and beyond. Feel free to borrow the idea from me for your own bookish musings.


Reading, Writing...

Books I finished this week:

Books I'm reading now (and some still):
~The Other Boy by Hailey Abbott (Nookbook/Summer Romance Challenge)
~Extraordinary by Nancy Werlin
~The Sky Is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson
~Afterlife by Claudia Gray
~The Grand Escape by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
~The Ex Games by Jennifer Echols (Nookbook/Summer Romance Challenge)

I updated my Goodreads 2011 Reading Challenge! My new 2011 reading goal... (drumroll)... 75 BOOKS! It makes me technically behind at the moment but I'll be able to catch up soon. ^_^

Regarding my blog redo status: I will have a Grand Blog Reopening on August 1st. I hope you all will be able to check it out. I won't be having a giveaway (even though I kinda wanted to). I'll just be posting an overview of what will be posted and when, and then you'll be seeing some articles and book reviews soon after (once I hit 200 followers there will be a giveaway). I can't wait to get my blog back up and running like normal!

My writing status: Not too much to report. It's pretty much the same, a little bit written here, a little written there, some editing here, some editing there. I've got a list of background things to come up with to give the story the details it really needs. I decided I'm going to change the title of the one I'm focusing on. It just doesn't have that type of name that clicks, you know?

And Otherwise...

It's been a slow week at work. Summers are always slower in the pharmacy. It's been a good thing though because I've been able to leave an hour early every day, which means one more hour I can spend at home doing something constructive. I have tomorrow off work entirely (WOOT!), and I plan on organizing my room a little (and writing in between!). It's a disaster area. Mainly because I have no time, but also because there's a leak in the roof above the one corner of my room. We're getting it fixed next Tuesday, so once that's done, my room can get completely to the point it should have been when we first moved in.

My brother's planning on wiping the computer... again... So I only have like an hour before that happens. I'll be gone most of the day shopping (Borders, here I come!!! *squeeee!*) so I am hoping he will have it done by the end of the day, or at least by Friday night.

That's all for now! Have a great and wonderful day! See you tomorrow!



  1. I look forward to the grand blog reopening. good luck with the room cleaning and have fun at Borders. =)

  2. Good luck with the new opening of your blog !!! can't wait to see it ^_^.

    Your blog, will need some bling on it as well, maybe I'll just get some really cheap diamonds and fit it on your blog, your followers won't know the difference...-face palm- err just joking as usual ^_^;.

    Your bro is formatting your HDD (hard disk drive), it shouldn't take too long. Give it about a few hours (like 3-4 hrs, it might take even less than that).

    Have a lovely day too ^_^.


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