Saturday, August 6, 2011

Review: Chasing Brooklyn by Lisa Schroeder

Title: Chasing Brooklyn
Author: Lisa Schroeder
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Source: Library
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My Thoughts:

Brooklyn and Nico have lost somebody very important to them, Lucca. He was Nico’s brother, and Brooklyn’s boyfriend. He was killed in a car accident. Gabe was in the accident too, but he survived… only to die of a drug overdose a year later. Brooklyn is constantly writing letters to Lucca in a notebook. Nico runs, literally.

In the midst of all this pain from losing the two boys, Brooklyn and Nico are visited by their ghosts. Lucca tells Nico to help Brooklyn, while Gabe chases Brooklyn in her dreams. Nico reaches out to Brooklyn, trying to do what Lucca is asking him to do, but it’s not easy to reach her. Eventually Nico convinces Brooklyn to join him in a triathlon, and the two train together.

You can’t help but be connected to Nico and Brooklyn as they express their thoughts. You want to see them learn to move on with life. The fact that it’s written is verse keeps the emotions palpable. You empathize with their feelings and their pain and their strength. Another beautifully touching read from Lisa Schroeder.

My Rating:

Exceptional... Stay up until at least 1 AM!



  1. OK, this one sounded interesting but for some reason I was thinking it was by the author who wrote Impossible, Nancy Werlin, and that one was just sooo weird! Now I might actually read this one. ;)

  2. Yeah, that one WAS weird! I'm reading the new one by Nancy Werlin, not sure what to make of it yet. Lisa Schroeder is pretty great though, I think you'd enjoy it. ^_^


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