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Review: The Ex Games by Jennifer Echols

Title: The Ex Games
Author: Jennifer Echols
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My Thoughts:

Jennifer Echols delivers again! The Boys Next Door and Major Crush are great reads with the dynamic pairing of two people that stems from dislike or distraction. In The Ex Games, Nick and Hayden end up in an argument, which leads to a standoff competition to see who is the better snowboarder. It’s the girls against the boys.  It’s heating up, and I’m not just talking about the competition.

They had dated years before and he humiliated her. She hasn’t forgiven him since. He still calls her “Hoyden” instead of Hayden to make her mad. Then the day before Winter Break, he’s flirting with her, which confuses her. A few days later on the night after she wins the girls division in a boarding comp, the two have a very sexy scene in the sauna. It’s right after this that the fight and the boys versus the girls standoff begins. As the tensions rise, they realize they have pent up desires from sauna night that got interrupted. Can a relationship happen again between them, or will the past just keep coming up and getting in the way?

You know I love a good built up romance. And I especially love sexual tension. It’s like getting that fluttery feeling all over again--the first time hands touch or his leg touches her leg when they’re sitting next to each other. This book is the best one I’ve read so far for that. Nick and Hayden are intense and entertaining.

I haven’t met a Jennifer Echols book that I didn’t like. When it comes to the Simon Romantic comedies, they can be hit or miss for a truly good book (since they're written by multiple authors). Every one by Echols has been a GREAT story that kept me hooked. The Ex-Games is a must read for any Jennifer Echols fan. Haven’t read a Jennifer Echols book?  Well, what are you waiting for?!

My Rating:

Very Good... Stay up late!



  1. I haven't read a Jennifer Echols book. :( Which one should I try?

  2. Hmm... The Boys Next Door is probably my favorite. But Major Crush and The Ex Games are just as good. Any one of those three would be a good place to start! I think you'll enjoy it.

  3. Well, if Goodreads gets back to working (it wasn't a while ago) I'll have to add The Boys Next Door. Thanks.


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