Saturday, August 20, 2011

Two hundred people... and other random commentary

I just broke 200 followers thanks to Follow Friday! WOOHOO! And, as promised, there will be a very awesome giveaway. I started working on it last night, but still have to tweak it a little bit before I post it and get it started. Which should be Monday night.

I almost forgot to post my book review today. I thought I had it scheduled. Apparently, I did, but didn't click publish post, lol. I'm a little behind on reviews, mostly because I'm a little behind on books. I plan on making the most of today and tomorrow to read and write out reviews. I spent a little bit of time writing last night, and plan on more since my brother will be cleaning the carpets and blocking this laptop from accessing the internet.

Next Tuesday = Gossip Girl Season 4

^ The above is what is extremely exciting to me at the moment. I'm debating on pre-ordering or getting it in the store. I'm not sure which will be faster, or cheaper, honestly. I'll have to check the ads tomorrow to see how they compare to Amazon.

That's it! Just a quick update! Have a great and wonderful Saturday everyone! And THANK YOU all for being amazing followers. LOVE YOU GUYS!!!



  1. Congrats on breaking the 200 follower mark Jess! And GG season 4! Don't worry how you get it. Just get it. Best season yet!

  2. Sweet!!! congrats on the 200th!!!. And am running out of fireworks to use. Looks my pet cat will have to sing for you instead XDDDDD. he has a album coming out..... like never XDDDDD.

  3. Thank you everybody! <3

    GG Season 4 preordered and should be arriving this week! WOOT!!


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