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Review: Heart On A Chain by Cindy C. Bennett

Title: Heart On A Chain
Author: Cindy C. Bennett
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My Thoughts:

Kate has a very rough life. At home, she deals with a drug addicted mother and alcoholic father. She is basically a slave in her own home--cleaning and cooking for her parents, getting barely anything in return from them. She is in a constant state of worry as to what will happen if things aren’t just so, because there are consequences to mistakes, even the smallest. Those consequences are being abused by her mother while her father is gone getting drunk. At school she is bullied and teased and tortured, and she just lets it happen. She has no friends anymore.

And then Henry returns. He and Kate shared a special bond a few years back. They even shared a kiss before he moved away. Henry tries to get close to Kate again, but she distrusts his motive. There were many times that the kids at school would pull a fake friendship on her, and just when she starts to believe she has a friend, they humiliate her. Even though Kate resists, Henry persists until he wins her over. She doesn’t fully trust him though, but as his kindness is expressed over and over in different ways, she lets him in more and more.

While Kate’s friendship with Henry begins to turn into something deeper, she faces some intense trials. One of them involves a former friend at school, the other involving a confrontation by her mother. Henry and his family take Kate under their wing and nurture her like she has never been by her own parents. She begins to understand what family and love should be like.

Suddenly, disaster strikes Kate and threatens to make her whole life crumble before her. She is in disbelief over what has happened and is reluctant to allow Henry’s family to intervene and help. Kate lets go of some things, even though it breaks her heart, while at the same time letting others build that were never there to begin with. But the things once left behind always have a way of returning. No matter how much Kate fights it, she knows what her future should hold.

This story is intense and enormously absorbing. Kate and Henry are the most amazing couple I’ve ever read about. Henry’s deep affection for Kate is so touching. You can’t help but be brought to tears as you read of the pains and struggles Kate faces--physically and emotionally. One thing that touched me on a personal level was her relationship with her father. It hits close to home and I wish I could have that same ending Kate had. I found myself sobbing in happiness over the joy of her father’s epiphany. I also hope to find a love like Kate and Henry's--powerful and timeless--someday.

Cindy C. Bennett has definitely hit the mark when it comes to story telling. Her words evoke the depth of the character’s feelings. Heart On A Chain has become one of the best books I have ever read.

My Rating:

Exceptional...Stay up until at least 1 AM



  1. Shame on me! I have to admit that I'm a cover girl- Saw this a while back on Amazon, but decided to NOT buy because the cover isn't my cup of tea. I chose Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire instead: Review
    Having read your review...fab by the way...I think I might give it a shot after all. Thanks!

  2. Sigh! Now I have to read this one too. ;)

  3. Wow, this book sounds so intense. I'm glad there was a happy ending as I don't think I could take anything else. Thanks for the recommendation. I'll definitely check this out.

  4. Wow, Jessica, thanks for the amazing review. I found it on a Google search - what a completely unexpected and happy surprise for me! :o) I'm really glad you liked the book, and took the time to share it on your blog.

    Thanks, again!!!

    And those are my thoughts at, let's see, 2:30 in the morning.

  5. _yay_, Jenny, & Lan: Thanks and I'm happy you'll be checking it out!

    Cindy C Bennett: You're welcome! I'm glad I gave you a happy surprise. ^_^


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