Friday, September 23, 2011

Spending too much time online?

Well, apparently I am. My mom and I have discussed this often. I keep telling her that I'm trying to cut back and make excuses. Truth is, I am addicted to being online.

So, I'm planning on cutting back a bit on my online time. To be honest, there are times I just get stuck in a loop of various links or just find myself browsing aimlessly around on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, You Tube, and recently iTunes.

What does this mean for my blog? Oh, not too much. I'm still going to be here. I have a whole week of fun planned for Banned Books Week. Two things are already scheduled. The rest I'll finish writing and schedule today. That will fix some of the problem. The other part is cutting back on my blog reading. I'll keep up to date, but have to skim through them more. I'll still be commenting on other blogs when I can (and have something relevant to say), and I'll still comment when you stop by here too. I love my blog friends, I can't stop talking to you!

This has been a long time coming. I end up getting obsessive about something and other things in real life get pushed aside. And that's not really good in general for a person, staring at a computer screen for hours upon hours a day.

The bottom line: I might not be here as much as I used to be BUT I will  be here and I will  respond to your comments. I promise!

With much book blogger love,


  1. Hee hee! I love Garfield. I need to quite spending so much time on line too but I don't have anyone trying to stop me...this makes it hard. ;)

  2. Garfield is hilarious. It's perfect for your post. I understand about spending too much time online. I'm online for most of the day because I surf the Internet while at work, during downtime which is a lot. Then, I surf the Internet at home because I'm addicted. I've been trying to cut back too. :) Good luck!

  3. I think we're all addicted to the internet, in the way that we're all probably addicted to caffeine. I love browsing other blogs but I know what you mean about the endless loop of various links like Amazon. I must have checked the price and availability of certain books/DVDs a hundred times - what's the point of that? When I get annoyed with myself is when the internet actually takes me away from stuff that I should be doing for my own blog: reading and writing reviews.

    If you can cut down on your 'net time and get the things you need to do, done, then I think that's great and I'm rooting for you!

  4. It's so easy to waste hours trolling through the internet isn't it? There are so many things going on. There should be some sort of support group for internet addiction. Click'A'holics Anonymous. When I first started blogging I kid you not, I developed a cramp in my finger because I was scrolling so much! Truth be told, blogging is a lot of hard work so I'm all for people taking a break whenever they feel the lines of reality blurring.

  5. First off, yes, Garfield is awesome. :)

    Jenny: I'm glad she's not keeping me completely from the computer, I just need to "restrain myself" a little bit. It's probably good I have her here, otherwise I'd be on here 12 hours a day! LOL.

    Jenni Elyse: I wish I could have downtime at work! Only time I get that is on my break. :P Thanks!

    TG: Yes! Exactly on taking away from reviews and reading. That and other real life responsibilities. I've discovered I can get a lot done when I don't dawdle around on the unnecessary. I got a bunch done in 20 minutes before work today! Thanks!

    Lan: Click'A'holics Anonymous, classic. :P I know I've been online too long when my fingers get cold from typing and scrolling. Lines of reality blurring, good way of putting it. I think that puts it into the right perspective. :)

    Thank you all for your support! <3


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