Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Top Ten Things You Find At A Garage Sale

In honor of our garage sale today, I'm posting a list of the top ten things you can find at garage sales. It's honestly going to be part of an unending list of the random and absolute weird. Times change though, and these "things" may vary depending on your area. This is what I discovered as common and expected...

1. Dances With Wolves. (On VHS or DVD)
2. Self Help books. (Many Dr. Phil)
3. Dieting books. (Dr. Atkins anyone?)
4. Romance novels. (These are usually very reasonably priced at 25 cents)
5. 90's music CD's. (Always the CD's you bought when they came out, or Spice Girls)
6. Any VHS. (All overpriced; one sale had them at $2.00 apiece when you're more likely to get 25 cents, if you're lucky.)
7. Beanie Babies. (Still overpriced considering they're worth nothing to collectors)
8. Cowboy boots. (Oddly enough)
9. Baskets. (Everywhere.)
10. Buzz Lightyear McDonalds Toys. (What about Woody?!)

We'll see how many get added to this list today. Have a good one!



  1. LOL! This is all so true. Highly amusing.

  2. My brother added board games to the list as well. :P

  3. How did you go with the garage sale Jessica? I agree with this list. My parents are complete garage sale nuts and always pull over for one. I want to add old vases & random car/lawnmower parts to the list!

  4. It turned out alright, a little better than last year. :) Old vases and car/lawnmower parts, that sounds about right too!


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