Monday, October 31, 2011

Now That October Has Come To A Close...


Ah, October. It was pretty dull. Well, I took things slow anyways. I got some accomplished though as far as reading and preparing for November goes. Hopefully I'm enough ahead to be ready for NaNoWriMo (*anxious and excited squee*).

Books read (8):
  • Virals by Kathy Reichs
  • Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin
  • The Girl In The Park by Mariah Fredericks
  • Wanderlove by Kirsten Hubbard
  • Geek Girl by Cindy C. Bennett
  • Vampire Kisses: Blood Relatives, Vol. 3 by Ellen Schreiber (illus. Rem & Elisa Kwon)
  • Stealing Heaven by Elizabeth Scott
  • Twenty Boy Summer by Sarah Ockler

Articles posted (3):

Book reviews (3): 


I'll be spending a lot of time writing for NaNoWriMo, so most is scheduled ahead of time (btw, Blogger apparently only lets you have 20 posts as drafts/scheduled, almost lost one along the way there!). I have a few NaNo related posts for the month for my fellow NaNo writers. I'm going to be part of a book tour in the next couple weeks. I've got a guest post coming up too (I was supposed to have one this month, but it must've been scheduled for next month, hmm...). Oh, and news on a reading challenge I'm planning on hosting in 2012. So, some fun stuff. I'm hoping to squeeze in some reading (this is a MUST since I don't want to be playing super catch up in December) to break up the daze I'll be in between writing my NaNo story. Because I will be in a daze... Lol.



  1. October can be a little blah, but it looks like you read some good books, at least!

    Good luck with NaNoWriMo :D

  2. You still look like you've had a pretty busy month Jessica! I don't think I did much except freak out about plotting for NaNo and then not actually doing any preparation! Hope you're a lot more prepared than I am!

  3. Susan: They were pretty good books! Thanks on NaNo wishes. :)

    Lan: Oh, I hope so. It's not as much as I'd like. I was looking over it thinking this just isn't enough. I need more substance and detail and background. I'll spend about an hour before bed working as much as I can out.


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