Monday, November 7, 2011

Coming soon... The Classics Reading Challenge!

After much deliberation and plotting (and thanks to the comments on this post), I've decided to host a reading challenge! It's one that I feel needs to be done, for myself and possibly for others too. Sometimes we all get so caught up in reading all these new YA novels and YA series that we forget to read the Classics. Or we never took the time to read certain ones when we were younger and in school.

Well, fret no more! This challenge should be right up your alley. ;) I am pleased to announce:

The Classics Reading Challenge 2012!

Since I'm pretty much booked the rest of this year (and I'm sure a lot of other people have challenges from this year to finish), I decided to start it next year. I'm thinking of  having 3 levels ranging from reading 1 to 10 classic novels. That way even if you only have time to read one, hey, at least it's one more classic you've read!

The classics I'm talking about are not only books by Shakespeare or Jane Austen, but also modern classics too. Ones from the early 1900's. Some that are from the 1950's or 1960's. Any book that is considered a classic that was published prior to 1970.

This gives you a pretty good range for books. There are so many that I've been wanting to read, I don't know how I'll choose which to focus on for the year! But I think I have a couple in mind that I definitely want to read.

I'll probably put up an official sign up post near the end of the year so people can prepare and plot before 2012 starts. So keep watching for it!

What do you guys think? Are you interested in a Classics Challenge in 2012? Any suggestions for the challenge? Would you like to see a giveaway attached to it? I think I have most of it plotted out, but I am always looking for ideas to improve on.



  1. You have so many ideas Jessica! I've just finished my first reading challenge so I'm looking for some others to do. Will check out the sign up post when you have it up. As to reading material...I'm not sure. Little House is probably too young huh?

  2. I love it... with my new Kobo, I had access to a huge amount of classics. I really wanted to set out to read some next year so I am up for a Classics Reading Challenge!


  3. Lan: Looks like Little House was originally published in 1935, so that counts. :)

    Lindsay: I've been getting a few classics on my e-reader too!

  4. I like this idea, especially if it includes Children's Classics, because I missed out on lots of those when I was actually a kid (I've never read Anne of Green Gables or Heidi or A Little Princess). You can count on me signing up!

  5. I am so joining this since I couldn't get to the Classics portion of my challenge this year.

  6. TG: Those books would definitely be included. :)

    Angie: Yessss!!! :)

    I'm so glad to see the interest for this. Can't wait to get it started.

  7. Oh sounds good. My blogs facebook page currently does a classic read a long each month.


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