Wednesday, November 30, 2011

NaNoWriMo Journal (for archiving)

I'm moving this tab to a blog post for the sake of reworking my tabs and archiving the information within so I don't lose it. ;) ~Jessica


DAY ONE: November 1
Goal: 1667
Achieved: 1826
Comments: I got started on it at midnight, spent 1 1/2 hours writing--almost half done. I ended up dreaming about updating my NaNo writing count several times and tossing and turning over it. I think I'll be better tonight, lol. So happy to have gotten that much accomplished in one day!

DAY TWO: November 2
Goal: 3334
Achieved: 3438
Comments: I was up until 2 AM last night, which made me tired today for work. I can't keep doing that. So, I'll be cutting myself off at midnight every night no matter what.

DAY THREE: November 3
Goal: 5001
Achieved: 6072
Comments: Phew! I can't believe I got so much done considering how tired I feel. Hopefully I can get another 2,000 in tomorrow so that I won't have to be under too much pressure for my busy weekend.

DAY FOUR: November 4
Goal: 6668
Achieved: 8193
Comments: I am SOOO tired right now. I'm actually going to go to bed early. I am so stoked that I got that many words out! My brain is really fried today... I need a break. But I don't want to get too far behind either.

DAY FIVE: November 5
Goal: 8335
Achieved: 9180
Comments: Only gained a little less than 1,000, but that's because I spent the day with a friend. Plus I slept in. And it felt GOOD.

DAY SIX: November 6
Goal: 10,002
Achieved: 10,278
Comments: Phew! Barely made this one!

DAY SEVEN: November 7
Goal: 11,669
Achieved: 11,619
Comments: A little bit behind, but I got distracted earlier today. I'll catch up in the next couple days!

DAY EIGHT: November 8
Goal: 13,336
Achieved: 13,407
Comments: I can barely focus tonight. I think most of the words I added in were the most pathetic words I've written. Almost hit a road block but I pulled through.

DAY NINE: November 9
Goal: 15,003
Achieved: 15,514
Comments: UGH. It's painful to write... somewhat in general trying to figure out the words I want to use, and my fingers hurt too. Lol.

DAY TEN: November 10
Goal: 16,670
Achieved: 16,753
Comments: Trying to rework some things and skip scenes so I can get better words out instead of sputtering nonsense. It's getting better.

DAY ELEVEN: November 11
Goal: 18,337
Achieved: 18,590
Comments: I was able to toss out some good scenes late last night/this morning and right after work. I was hoping to do more but got interrupted.

DAY TWELVE: November 12
Goal: 20,004
Achieved: 20,062
Comments: Got most of it done late last night/early morning. Was hoping to get ahead but got distracted, which is my own fault. I did get some good parts in and that made me happy.

DAY THIRTEEN: November 13
Goal: 21,671
Achieved: 22,231
Comments: Ka-ching! I feel good about this one.

DAY FOURTEEN: November 14
Goal: 23,338
Achieved: 23,627
Comments: I was hoping to get further ahead tonight, but since I don't have much internet time, I'm posting the work for today early. So I'll probably be more ahead tomorrow.

DAY FIFTEEN: November 15
Goal: 25,005
Achieved: 25,632
Comments: Woohoo! Got ahead today! Very happy to be on track.

DAY SIXTEEN: November 16
Goal: 26,672
Achieved: 27,680
Comments: Super ahead! Whoa! Insane crazy!

DAY SEVENTEEN: November 17
Goal: 28,339
Achieved: 29,221
Comments: Still ahead. I'm actually kind of on a roll with a few additional dialogues and scenes.

DAY EIGHTEEN: November 18
Goal: 30,006
Achieved: 31,021
Comments: Good gravy.

DAY NINETEEN: November 19
Goal: 31,673
Achieved: 32,358
Comments: I've got a day of shopping with some friends tomorrow, so I'm glad to be ahead today.

DAY TWENTY: November 20
Goal: 33,340
Achieved: 33,770
Comments: Didn't get as much accomplished, but still ahead!

DAY TWENTY-ONE: November 21
Goal: 35,007
Achieved: 35,513
Comments: Staying on task. Can't wait for the month to be over so I can edit the crap out of this first draft.

DAY TWENTY-TWO: November 22
Goal: 36,674
Achieved: 36,854
Comments: I totally came up with the best scene ever today. THE BEST. It was roughly sketched out, but it was perfect.

Goal: 38,341
Achieved: 38,574
Comments: On track, good stuff!

DAY TWENTY-FOUR: November 24
Goal: 40,008
Achieved: 40,868
Comments: Wow... 40,000... That's literally a novel right there. But, still plugging away to the 50,000. Almost there!

DAY TWENTY-FIVE: November 25
Goal: 41,675
Achieved: 42,266
Comments: Trying to get ahead enough that I can finish a day early.

DAY TWENTY-SIX: November 26
Goal: 43,342
Achieved: 44,173
Comments: AH! I want to get ahead! So close...

Goal: 45,009
Achieved: 46,030
Comments: Aw, getting close... so close...

Goal: 46,676
Achieved: 48,139
Comments: I might be able to finish tomorrow at the rate I'm going. Woot times infinity!

DAY TWENTY-NINE: November 29
Goal: 48,343
Achieved: 50,163

DAY THIRTY: November 30
Goal: 50,010
Achieved: 50,163
Comments: I'm not doing anything except relax and read today!



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