Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hunger Games Month: The Hunger Games Inspired Handmade Goodies


I have decided to put together another Etsy based handmade theme post in honor of Hunger Games Month for my good friend Lan at The Write Obsession. The movie is coming THIS MONTH and I couldn't be more excited. I know I'm not the only one. And in our excitement, we love any and all things Hunger Games related. So, without further adieu, here are some of The Hunger Games inspired handmade goodies I uncovered for you to drool over. (Note that not all will be available when you read this post as many of these are one of a kind. I tried to include some alternate links with similar items. ^_^)


~Show your love as decoration for your wall, your car, your laptop,
or anything else this sticks to.~

~This was one of the quotes I remember rereading
a couple times when reading the book.~

~I love these Keep Calm posters
so I had to post one.~

~One of those inspired paintings that does
the book justice via the imagination.~



~I love hair things--you should see my collection--
and I believe this one would fit in nicely.~

~Who could ever, EVER, forget the song?
Much love for Rue.~

~I thought this was a unique twist on inspired.
It's so simple yet not really.~

~I love these earrings, they just explode
in an array of awesome, well, radiance.~

~What's an obsession without a charm bracelet?
It hits all the possibilities available in charm form.~

~Everyone wants one (you bet I did upon finishing the book!).
It somehow epitomizes the whole story.~

~Don't want a pin? There are plenty of rings
to choose from, including this one.~



~There's just something about the simplicity
of this shirt that I LOVE.~

~I love hoodies, even though I already own too many,
but this one is very cool.~

~Show off your love of the boy with bread
with a cute top.~

~Sure, I haven't read Mockingjay yet,
but I've heard about this part and love it.~

~I am partial to messenger bags,
but this one seems appropriate to the series.~

~A cute way to show how much you
adore the series.~



~I'm just gonna say it...

Brass Bookmark

~Don't want no measly paper bookmark?
Go for a long lasting one.~

~I thought these were simply cute.
I love little journals.~

~These would be great to send to your favorite
Hunger Games loving pals.~


Which one is your favorite of the bunch? I love the hair clip, earrings, and boy with bread shirt most. :)


PS: Pictures removed on 08/03/2012. Click links to view pictures.


  1. I seriously cannot believe how much THG stuff is available on Etsy. Some people have been really creative. I don't know if I want to walk around with Josh Hutchinson's face on my t-shirt though!I'll wait to see how I feel about him after the movie. Am in love with the military bag though!

    1. That's the stuff I love the most--the really creative ones. I need to buy me at least one shirt before I go to see the movie. He is kind of a cutie, and I have a feeling that since he's playing Peeta, I might be swooning by the end of the movie. :P

  2. I have a feeling I am really going to enjoy Hunger Games Month. I definitely want some HG merch to wear when I see the movie.

    1. Me too (on both accounts)! I can't wait to see what other posts are in store, and I must get a shirt immediately. ;)

  3. I want one of everything!!!!! I LOVE the Mockingjay ring. GAH. It's all so unique and pretty!

    1. I know! It's all so tempting, I keep smacking my hand when the mouse hovers over the add to cart button. LOL.

  4. Amazing, I really want the Mockingjay Pin and the charm bracelet. I love the t-shirts to. :D

    1. The pin is almost necessary! :P All of it is pretty awesome.

  5. WHOA. I have some shopping to do! I love all of it :) There is so much stuff out there, ah fangirl!

    1. Shopping--I know, right?! There's almost too much stuff out there, then again, there can never be too much Hunger Games. ;)

  6. I love the moss and arrow necklace and that mockingjay ring! Thanks for putting this collection together!!

    1. The moss and arrow necklace is really cute. I saw you add it on Etsy when I was putting my post together. ;)

    2. yup, I added a few things I found. I ordered that necklace and a different ring to wear to the opening night! Can't wait!

    3. I just bought the Peeta shirt myself. It's getting me all giddy, lol!

  7. I love the hair clip and the pin. I can wear them to the movie!!!

    1. I know, these things are so cute and perfect for going to see the movie, especially since they're unique. :)


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