Monday, April 2, 2012

Inspired Creations: Handmade Bookmarks (1)

While I was trying to come up with good posts for my blog, one of the topics I considered was talking about bookmarks. I mean, we all have to use something as a bookmark since we all love to read books. I was usually just using whatever scrap of paper I could find nearby, even though I do own bookmarks. Why should I use random pieces of paper when I have real bookmarks?

Then I got to thinking, I bet there's a bunch of awesome handmade bookmarks available on Etsy (same site I used for my Twilight Jewelry guest post). I started to browse around (talk about losing track of time!) and found a lot of sweet bookmarks. I just thought I'd take a moment to share some of them with you.

To view where the bookmark is found, click the link listed in the caption under its picture.



~When I was a kid, I would buy all kinds of cat bookmarks. I was cat obsessed.
So I had to find and share at least one cat themed bookmark.~

Inspire / Dream
And look at that gorgeous hand stamped art!~

Ecofriendly Hearts

Plus it's all recycled paper pieces.~

Recycled Paper

So simple, yet so pretty.~

You can't help but love 'em.~

Read Me

Butterflies and a gorgeous background.~

Corner Bookmark

~I have one corner bookmark but I'm not as fond of it as this one.
I like how it's very airy and, well, dreamy.~

Mixed Media

Great use of that book page!~

Book Flowers

~These are soooo cool! I love the use of the paper.
And how different it is as a bookmark.~



PS: All pictures have been removed on 08/03/2012. Refer to link to see pictures.


  1. I think I know why I don't use bookmarks but just any scrap piece of paper around, it's because scraps of paper aren't very pretty like bookmarks are. Nowadays there are some really gorgeous bookmarks (like the ones in your blog) and if I had one of those I'd put it on display!

    1. I know the feeling! They deserve to be on display. :)

  2. I love the kitty bookmarks! They're so cute! I need to buy one of them. But, I have so many bookmarks that I probably don't need anymore. But, I do use them, so it wouldn't go to waster. What to do?! What to do?!

    1. They are too cute! I know I don't need any more, but I want more. :)

  3. I love bookmarks (I probably have too many and never use them). I did see that first artists work and faved a ton of them! I have a bunch in the works, just need so much more time to finish LOL!

    1. I have enough but always think I can use more. Those cartoon kitties are too cute! So were the artists other ones too. :)


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