Thursday, May 3, 2012

Update Thursday #57

Welcome to Update Thursday, my own personal meme of sorts where I post an update of the goings on at my blog, with reading, with writing, and beyond. Feel free to borrow the idea from me for your own bookish musings.



Books I finished this week:
Pandemonium (Delirium #2) by Lauren Oliver 

Books I'm reading now (and some still):
Insurgent (Divergent #2) by Veronica Roth

345 of 1026 E.E. Cummings poems finished (23 this week)


Now I can't even remember what I have or haven't done writing-wise lately. I remember picking out some names for places and adding in a couple of little details I missed and thought of later. That's it. I've been reading a little more (Pandemonium was too un-put-down-able! AHHH!) so that's probably why. I was planning on writing out all of my scene ideas on index cards, sort through them, and put everything in order. You have no idea how many times I've changed my mind about what scenes should go where and at what time and on what day. I need a large calender. Or a classroom sized dry erase board with magnets. Something.

Maybe I'll have the index card thing and a couple more scenes written by next week. I have LESS THAN TWO WEEKS until my vacation--super excited and anxious. I would like to get a little ahead before we leave since I'll probably be able to read more than write.


I changed my Update Thursday picture. It's only temporary, though. I'm going to take some pictures of my own books and use that instead. So, my Max is here in the meantime.

Speaking of post ideas, I totally failed as far as Poetry Month goes. I never did any sort of post about poetry or sharing my own. But never fear, I will write one anyways because I love poetry and owe it to you to share that love.

Oh! I got a haircut. My hair's been long for awhile so I decided to go short again. What do you think? ----->

Until next time...



  1. I think Max is cute! You should just keep him as your picture.

    I wonder if I'd ever actually finish one of my WIP if I got that organized? It's worth considering.

    Cute hair! I'm always jealous of people who can part their hair to the side. Stupid cowlick. :(

    1. Maybe I can get a picture of him next to some books, lol. :P

      It is worth considering!

      Thanks! :)

  2. I can't wait to read your review of The Probability of Miracles. It sounds really good, but I don't think I've read any reviews for it yet.

    I like your idea of index cards. A visual would probably be really helpful for getting your thoughts organized.

    Love your hair! So pretty. <3

    1. I should be getting my review up for it by the end of the month.

      I saw some authors doing index cards. Seeing everything at once is better than scattered in my head, lol.

      Thanks! :)

  3. Would love to see what you think of Insurgent. I've read some good reviews but since I only liked not loved Divergent I want a review from someone I trust. Very exciting about the vacation. Isn't it funny how we treat blogging like a job we have to keep up with even whilst we're supposed to be having fun?

    1. Oh Insurgent. It was spectacular. The reviews I've read didn't really go into enough of what the story is about, not spoiler stuff, but people and personality and growth. Hahaha, exactly! Blogging feels like a job. I need to chill out some days. :)


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