Saturday, June 30, 2012

First Half of the Year Wrap Up AND Follower Survey!


I figured this would be a good thing for me to do, lay it all out there and see what is accomplished thus far, and see what else is yet to be done. ^_^


On The Blog

  • Posted 114 posts total (not including this one)
  • Written 27 reviews
  • Purchased/Borrowed/Won 61 books
  • Reached 1131 followers
  • Hosted 8 giveaways


Reading Challenges

2012 TBR Pile Reading Challenge:

Finished 11 of the 21 I challenged myself to (right on track!)

2012 EBook Challenge:

Finished 7 of the 10 I challenged myself to (ahead of schedule!)

The Classics Reading Challenge:

Finished 3 of the 8 I challenged myself to (a little behind!)


Finished 32 of the 52 I challenged myself to (making me 7 books ahead on the year!)

E.E. Cummings

499 of 1026 poems finished (about 48.6% of the way through!)


Writing Challenges

If Only We:

NaNoWriMo final word count was 50,163
Current revision word count is at 28,230

Before We Knew:

Current word count is at 11,449

Whatever This Is:

No word count, currently outlining and plotting


I have 4 other ideas I am mulling over at the moment.


Plans for the rest of the year

  • Finish all my reading challenges
  • Host a few more giveaways
  • Have more posts/reviews
  • Have more guest posts
  • Finish writing my novel
  • Publish my novel
  • Have a blog tour for my novel

That's the gist of it anyway. I'm still pushing myself on the publishing my novel thing. I am determined to see this through! Of all the goals I have set, that's the one I want to reach the most.


As promised, here's the follower survey for you all to take. I just want to get some honest feedback from my followers. See how my blog is now, what I'm doing right, what I'm doing wrong, how I can improve, etc. Just to let you know, it is anonymous, I don't have a spot for you to put your name or email... So PLEASE be completely honest and tell me what you think. I want to know. ^_^


So... how was your first half of the year?
Have you set any goals for the rest of the year?



  1. It looks like you're doing really well on your challenges. I only signed up for two and still haven't done a thing for them. :(

    1. But you've been reading a lot of books, and enjoying them, so I think you're doing just fine! :)

  2. Looking at your reading challenge stats makes me cringe! I think I've read about 3 books for all of my reading challenges. I am so lazy. Love that you're just like me and have about 7 or 8 book ideas on the go!

    1. I'm surprised I've gotten as far as I have. The only reason why is because I forced myself to read more for the challenges, plus I've been working less and reading more. Lol. I know! I love having all these ideas. It's so much fun! :)

  3. You're doing so great with your blog, Jess! I always love coming here to see what you have to say!

    1. Thank you sweetie! I love that you're a loyal follower and friend. :)


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