Friday, June 29, 2012

I Love Poetry! (my very late mini Poetry Month post)

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This is something I promised I'd be doing and yet I never got myself around to getting it together early on in the month. As I say in the title, I love poetry. I started writing poetry when I was 14 and haven't stopped since. To date, I have about 300 poems written. One of the very first ones I wrote was put in one of those poetry anthologies that you have to pay to read your poem in. Looking back on it, I seemed to be a really disturbed teenager. But, we all go through angst and moments of depression in adolescence. Here it is:


"Past In Mind"

Nothing comes out, not in words
Those are things I know, I've heard
I know it's inside but it won't come out
For fear of spreading throughout
I feel pathetic, weak, and frail
Yet I must, I need, to prevail
The shock of life smacks me in the face
I know that I'm a disgrace
It's not easy to tell you know
About things in the past
Just won't even pass
They stay with you day and night
The things I know, they are a fright
To cease and desist, that's what I wish
But I can't hide from feelings inside
Of my passions and destiny for life
It thrills me at once, and then I dull
There's when I remember it all


I haven't read too much in the way of poetry, as a fan of poetry should anyway. When I was reading through one of my friends poetry compilations, The Random House Treasury Of Favorite Love Poems, I discovered E.E. Cummings.

His poetry is known for its variations in capitalization and punctuation to create the message. It's what drew me to his poems, I thought it was so inspirational and different. It's not the same conventional style or ABAB-like patterns, it stood on its own. They're... surreal. The first poem of his that I read was "If Everything Happens That Can't Be Done" and you can read it HERE (since I'm not sure if I can quote it in my blog or not).

I started to read the compilation of all his poems, Complete Poems, 1904-1962, and still adore his work. I have periodically posted certain lines on Twitter that I've enjoyed as I go. Here's some of my favorites:


much i cannot)
tear up the world & toss
it away; or
cause one causeless cloud to purely grow

but, never
doubt my weakness
makes more than most

(his autumn's winter being summer's spring
who moved by standing in november's may)


(aiming for hugely the
ignorant most precise essential flame
never which waked)& perfectingly We


      out of tinying time
                                (into supreme



How about you? Do you love poetry?
What poets do you enjoy?



  1. I used to write the most morbid poetry and do suicide photo shoots. Don't ask, I have know idea. It must be a teen thing. ;) Now I can hardly stand reading poetry. It's not that I hate it but you have to be in a certain mood and I guess I'm rarely in that mood.

    1. We all do crazy stuff when we're teens. I think the poetry can be therapeutic for those years... I can understand. There are some days I can only read so much poetry. :)


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