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Review: Forgotten by Cat Patrick

Title: Forgotten
Author: Cat Patrick
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Genre: Young Adult Mystery
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Caution: May contain spoilers

Each night when 16 year-old London Lane goes to sleep, her whole world disappears. In the morning, all that's left is a note telling her about a day she can't remember. The whole scenario doesn't exactly make high school or dating that hot guy whose name she can't seem to recall any easier. But when London starts experiencing disturbing visions she can't make sense of, she realizes it's time to learn a little more about the past she keeps forgetting-before it destroys her future.

Part psychological drama, part romance, and part mystery, this thought-provoking novel will inspire readers to consider the what-if's in their own lives and recognize the power they have to control their destinies.

~synopsis from Goodreads

My Thoughts:

Prior to my vacation, I was looking through the books I chose to bring with me on vacation. I picked this one up and read the first couple pages. I got hooked on the idea even more than the synopsis led on. Talk about intrigue. I spent the second half of the ride down to NC reading this whole book.

London Lane (which seems more like a comic book character name than a fictional character name) can’t remember the previous day. She can only remember what takes place in the future. She knows things that people are going to ask her and things that people are going to do. But she can’t remember what she wore the previous day or what she did last night.  So she writes notes every night before bed reminding herself of everything she needs to remember the next day when her mind is reset and her past is lost.

When she meets Luke, she is left wanting more. Yet, she can’t see him in her future. Why bother trying to take note of him to remember him? So she doesn’t. At first. She can’t help but want to be with him, despite not being able to remember him from yesterday. Luke is truly amazing. Their first date with that past life scenario they posited. Cutest. Thing. Ever.

London tries her best to keep some of the bad future memories from turning out like they will. There is only so much she can do, the rest is up to the other people involved. Her best friend Jamie doesn’t like hearing about it, especially when it rains on her parade. Then London starts to see a new future memory, one that takes place at a funeral. Who is going to die? She only gets it in little clips, so she keeps coming to different conclusions, but never any real answer. Piece by piece, she uncovers clues about what will happen. She also tries to recover her past, tries to tap into her real memory, things that have already happened.

By the time we’re nearing the end, we discover unexpected answers to questions we didn’t even dream to ask. I guessed as it went along, and although a couple pieces fit the way I thought they would, I did not expect the whole picture. In fact, it was nothing I even thought would be possible. And the end. The end was brilliant. Brought everything full circle and didn’t leave me hanging.

Forgotten was an incomparable novel. There is absolutely nothing that could ever top how one of a kind it is. The premise alone is fascinating. The story itself is captivating. The love story of London and Luke is charming. Cat Patrick has impressed me with her ability to spin this tale in the most seamless way. I couldn’t help but pre-order a copy of her next novel, Revived.

My Rating:

Exceptional: Stay up until at least 1 AM


  1. Jealous <3 I've been wanting this book forever!! your review makes me want it even MORE!!

    1. Hehehe! I'm glad. I hope you can get your hands on it soon. :)

  2. Wow! It's been a long time since I've come across a book this intriguing. Have put it on the TBR and can't wait to read it. I really want to see how Cat Patrick pulls off the whole future memory thing. It sounds so fantastical.

    1. It is so insane. I don't know how she came up with all of it, but it's definitely fantastic! :)

  3. Whoa, sounds AWESOME! I've been dying to get my hands on something by Cat Patrick. I absolutely love love love the premise of this one. And the fact that although you did guess some things but didn't get it all...well that makes me want to read it even more!

    1. Sometimes it's nice to be able to guess some things, but it's great when there are unexpected things too! Get your hands on it soon for sure. :D

  4. This one sounded so good so I bought it right when in came out. Then I started reading reviews. Bad idea. Some people loved it but others were bothered how impractical it was. I tend to be bothered when things lazily don't make sense. I need to just read it already.

    1. I don't think I read many reviews before I read it, maybe one or two, I can't remember... but I can see how there would be opposing views on the way the author brings out the things London learns. I hope you do enjoy it! :)


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