Wednesday, August 29, 2012

And in this corner... Survey Results!

I think I'm slap happy today... I really am.


It's taken me WAY too long to compile and put this together. I don't know what excuses I have. Not many. But here it is... the results!


1).  How do you follow?  Mostly via GFC and a couple through email.

2).  Do you follow me elsewhere?  Pretty even between Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads, slightly lower for Pinterest.

3).  Are you a reader, a writer, or both?  Most of you chose being both, and I thought that was awesome.

4).  How do you like the overall look of Thoughts At One In The Morning?  There were no complaints here!

5).  Is my blog easy to navigate?  All a resounding yes!

6).  In general, what are your favorite types of posts?  This one deserves a pie chart. The 14% goes to Reviews, then on down the line to 13% going to Writing Posts.

7).  In turn, what are your least favorite types of posts?  Memes were least liked. It was pretty much even between the following: Giveaways, Guest Posts by Authors, Guest Posts by Bloggers, Author Interviews, Blogger Interviews, Excerpts, Blog Tours, Non-Book Related Random Posts, and Cover Reveals.

8).  What would you like to see more of?  You mostly want to see more Discussion Posts and a little more Writing Posts, but you also want more Reviews, Giveaways, Author Interviews, and Non-Book Related Random Posts.

9).  What would you like to see less of?  The things you want less of are mostly guest posts, interviews, and memes, but for the most part you said nothing, so I must be doing something right!

10).  What type of giveaways do you like?  Between the choices of Pick your own book, Pick from a list, ARC's, and Any of the above, most of you answered with Any of the above.

11).  What kind of reviews do you prefer?  Almost everyone agreed on Short and sweet and Spoiler free. One person answered with “What suits the book,” and another “Somewhere in the middle.”

12).  What do you think of how I write my reviews?  Your answers just warmed my heart. You were sweet and a couple of you even said my review influences your choice to read it or not. There were mixed opinions on whether they were too long or just right. I believe that’s due to the fact that I tend to gush when I love a book too much. You guys also like seeing the synopsis and links at the top.

13).  What do you think of how I write my articles/discussion posts?  You like them and how they make you think.

14).  Do you have any specific suggestions of what things you like to see in a book blog in general?  Here’s where I got a lot of good information from you guys. You like posts about “adventures in writing” and “personal stuff about the blogger”. One person mentioned international giveaways that aren’t just from The Book Depository. Another said “original content… or if it’s something that’s already been done, a fresh spin somehow.” The following suggestion I liked a lot: “Maybe do some posts on books that you read in the past that are close to your heart.” More on this below.

15).  Is there anything you would change about my blog?  It was pretty much mostly the beginning of Billy Joel’s "Just the Way You Are"… “Don’t go changing…”


My thoughts after reading all of your thoughts:

Thank you for your honest and kind words. While most of this blog will remain the same, I plan on tweaking and implementing some of your suggestions. I will be balancing out my different posts by having one of each every month: a discussion post, a writing post, and a non-book related random post. I’ll also be adding in a new little feature where I discuss books with special meaning that I’ve read awhile ago. Not sure when I’ll start that one up, but I’ll try for at least a couple by the end of this year. I am going to add a little more variety to my giveaways, not just The Book Depository, plus I’m going to keep entries simple and easy (in other words, most of the time I’ll stick with just following this blog as an entry). I have another fun idea in the works that I can’t wait to share with you. I’m still working out the details, but it will be a replacement for The Journey of Self-Publishing series. It has to do with lists... that's the only hint I'll give!

That's all for now! Thank you again for your insights and for triggering some ideas and changes to Thoughts At One In The Morning! ^_^



  1. You're so brave for putting yourself out there and asking for comments. I'm too lazy to seek improvement on my blog! Some great suggestions. Though I don't see what's wrong with Book Depository giveaways!!

    1. Lol, with the giveaways. I think they might want other options--like book swag, gift cards to B&N/Amazon, or gifted e-books. I'm down with variety! ;)

  2. Thanks for sharing! There's some great info for reader/writer bloggers of all kinds here--especially in #14.

    1. You're welcome! Yep, #14 had a lot of goodies in it. :)


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