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Review: Safe Landing by Tess Oliver

Title: Safe Landing
Author: Tess Oliver
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Genre: Young Adult Paranormal
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Caution: May contain spoilers

Still trying to cope with her parent’s divorce, seventeen-year-old Brazil Parkin finds her world slipping even further from its once blissful orbit. She blames her mom for the rotten turn her life has taken. Leaving behind her friends, her horse, and a father she adores, Brazil moves with her mother and twin brothers to a 19th century beach house with a shady history.

Brazil is determined to remain a recluse, but an unexpected kiss, a nearly disastrous airplane landing, and the lingering spirit of a lovesick boy help open Brazil’s eyes to a world outside of her own universe.

~synopsis by Goodreads

My Thoughts:

This was one of the first books I bought when I got my Nook. I remember reading an excerpt from the book and thinking it sounded really good. Based on that synopsis, I went into the book expecting one type of story, but discovering it was completely different.

Brazil (or Zilly) is a likeable protagonist. She’s got a grudge over her parents divorce and moving from home, leaving behind her horse and friends. When she gets to the new place, she’s surprised by a ghost named Sebastian. He’s still around because he needs to know if the girl he loved, Emily, truly loved him back. He wants Brazil to find this out for him. It’s not as easy as she could have expected because it involves befriending a not so great guy at school, Hank.

The actually great guy at school, Seth, is unavailable. He still seems as interested in Brazil as she is in him. And it seems that his current relationship is on the rocks. When she has to act chummy with Hank, it makes her look bad to Seth. But she needs to find out if Emily loved Sebastian. It still hurts, because something special is there with Seth.

She gets a local job at the stables, and that seems to improve her overall mood. She learns more about what really happened in her family. Bits and pieces start to come together when it comes to Emily as well. By the time you reach the end, the truth is all exposed and everything comes together.

Safe Landing was a cute story. It wasn’t spectacular, but it was enjoyable. It had a certain charm because of its uniqueness--paranormal that doesn’t involve a girl falling for the paranormal being. And I liked that. The friendship that Brazil develops with Sebastian was endearing, even though it wasn’t the love story as I thought it would be. I will probably be picking up another Tess Oliver book sometime.

My Rating:

Pretty Good: Stay up until your bedtime


  1. Sounds good! I've never actually heard of "Safe Landing" before, but the premise sounds interesting. Definitely think they could've indicated it was a ghost story by something on the cover. I thought it was a beach read until I read the genre. HOWEVER, the fact that the paranormal genre was kinda contradictory to the beach read cover did make me interested!
    Hope you have a good one,
    Ninja Girl

    1. There is an alternate cover featuring a horse, lol. The beach aspect makes sense since she lives on the beach when she moves, but it does look a bit odd considering the genre. At least it caught your attention! ;)

  2. I totally would have assumed by the synopsis a romance between her and the ghost. How refreshing that there isn't. I may have to check it out now. ;)

    1. It is refreshing! Although I initially bought it a year ago hoping it was, lol.


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