Thursday, August 2, 2012

Update Thursday #70

Welcome to Update Thursday, my own personal meme of sorts where I post an update of the goings on at my blog, with reading, with writing, and beyond. Feel free to borrow the idea from me for your own bookish musings.


On the Blog this week:

  • The indie author panel tackles Contacting Book Bloggers in the ninth installment of my blog post series, The Journey of Self Publishing.
  • My review of Glitch by Heather Anastasiu.
  • See my thoughts on Thomas Hardy's Under The Greenwood Tree.
  • LAST CHANCE to fill out my blog survey. I want to know what you think of my blog and what kind of things you like and don't like on blogs. I'll be compiling a small post with my thoughts on your thoughts! ^_^



Books I finished this week:

Books I'm reading now (and some still):


~ If Only We ~ 30,010 ~
~ Before We Knew ~ 11, 449 ~
~ Whatever This Is ~ outlining ~
~ Under Enchanted Skies ~ 1,550/plotting ~
~ Beyond The Horizon ~ plotting ~
~ So I Thought ~ plotting ~
~ Hold Your Breath ~ plotting ~

Despite numbers above, I have been a busy bee. How so? I have been fixing my novel. I started a notebook dedicated to If Only We and have written out details for chapters and characters. While I was writing in the notebook, I got so anxious to start writing it all out. New revisions are underway and I am feeling a lot better.

I read an article earlier this week about writing in order versus not writing in order. It was a really useful article for writers. Kind of helped me find the proper balance, since I had been writing out some scenes that happen later in my story.



With the whole photos on the blog issue, I decided to make some LOLcats pictures of my own. I've only done 4 so far, but I'll make more soon. I used the Lolcats Generator on the website Big Huge Labs. It works pretty well. And I found it to be lotsa fun, even though some of my humor isn't that laugh out loud funny. Here's one of them:

I read an awesome post on Joyousreads on Tuesday called Author Behaving Graciously. It's about an author who welcomes an unfavorable review. With all the controversies lately, it was so nice to read about an author who can take an honest review and see the bright side.

Until next time!



  1. Hee hee! I like your LOL. Way to go on the writing progress. I'll have to check out this article. I'm getting sick of all the controversy too.

  2. That was an interesting article. I've actually been thinking about trying to write non-linear, because I have some scenes in my head, but not a clear beginning or end. OR sometimes I have the beginning and ending, but nothing in the middle. I honestly think every book can have a different process, though, or at least that's been the case for me.

    I hope things keep going well for you, writing wise!

    1. I've had the same happen with me too--different stories being written in a different order. The middle is usually the hardest for me. Sometimes certain important scenes from the middle speak so loudly that they just come out naturally. Other times I'm just lost, lol.

      Thanks! :)

  3. Great work on your writing, revising, and outlining, Jess! Also? I want to read ALL those books you're reading! :)

  4. Great article. Thanks for posting it. I knew there were cool authors around. Can't wait to see what other pics you come up with. I will prob end up using a lot of them!

    1. I'll be glad if you will! I need to start posing my cat in front of my books or on my bookshelves. Then I can have more bookish LOLcats available. :)


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