Thursday, September 27, 2012

Update Thursday #78

Welcome to Update Thursday, my own personal meme of sorts where I post an update of the goings on at my blog, with reading and writing. Feel free to borrow the idea from me for your own bookish musings.


Books I Finished:

Books I'm reading:


~ If Only We ~ 32,278 ~
~ Before We Knew ~ 11, 449 ~
~ Whatever This Is ~ outlining ~
~ Under Enchanted Skies ~ 1,550/plotting ~
~ Beyond The Horizon ~ plotting ~
~ So I Thought ~ plotting ~
~ Hold Your Breath ~ plotting ~

The latest = Not a whole lot new, about 2,000 words. I haven't been able to do much because I'm adjusting to a new job at the moment. I had my first day Tuesday and I'm working on making time for everything. The first week is just a "get my familiar with the job" type week, so my schedule will be different starting next week. We'll see how I can work out my time for writing and reading next week.


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  1. 2,000 words is certainly better than nothing, especially with so much going on! Once you get adjusted and get into your new routine, I'm sure it'll be easier. Are you liking the new place so far?

    Re Castle: I kind of worried that with Kate and Castle together it would change the dynamics of the show too much...I've seen it happen where you desperately want two characters together but then when they are, all that great tension and anticipation is gone and the show just fizzles. I read somewhere either from Nathan or Stana that they didn't think that would happen because Kate and Castle have such a natural sort of tension between them that even as a couple it won't be all tra la la, it'll still be good and fans will still like it. If they carry on the way they are, I don't think there'll be a problem, because the first episode was great! I was thinking about you, wondering what you were thinking of the episode. ;-) <3

    1. That's true! I like it a lot. It's much more structured than my old job and the people there are super nice. I'm starting to get the hang of everything, but there's still so much to take on at once. They sort of just threw me into the mix and told me to start answering the phone--second phone call asks for our fax number and I'm like AH!!! I don't know!!! Lol. :P

      I wonder too... but it's kind of like Bones--my mom was just asking me if I think that the writers will have them break up and not end up together in the end. I'm like, 'I honestly don't know.' I guess it all depends on how the writers go about the story line. Maybe they'll drag things out like on Friends with Monica and Chandler, hiding it for awhile. I remember Nathan saying he worries about the Moonlighting issue--he didn't want them to get together too soon. Stana was all for it though. So was I, but only because I love them together. We'll see how the season progresses. ;) I was definitely enjoying it while I was watching it!

    2. I'm glad you like the new job! I probably would have panicked being thrown into the mix like that lol

      They'd better not break up! I love them together. It'll be really interesting to see how it all plays out. Having not watched it all along and then spending the summer catching up on seasons 1-3, I kept saying to my mum can you imagine if we'd been watching all along, I'd have been screaming at the TV every week for them to get together. As it was, I was like 'and we KNOW they don't even get together until the end of season 4' lol. And even then, I thought it might start and they hadn't actually slept together, or they'd act like it didn't happen. So I was happy...they made it light and funny, but it was still sexy.

    3. Lol, I almost did! I was like, OMG are you serious? But I think they wanted me to prove that I knew pharmacy. So, I hope I did prove that this week!

      They'd better not is right! It was pretty much the same for me, catching up on everything. Season 4 was halfway finished by the time I started watching the show. I ended up getting curious and looking up a couple spoilers about whether they got together or not, lol. I'm kind of glad I didn't start watching until more recently. It helped me to not freak out like when I watched other shows from their premiere. I agree with you--they handled it all very well. :)

  2. 2000 words is definitely worth celebrating. Congrats on the new job. it can be really hard to get a schedule going when things change in your life. Hopefully you can find a balance that works for you. You have so many projects happening at once!

    1. You're right! It is. :) Thanks! I really need to taper down on the projects. Next year is going to be different, I'm cutting back on a lot of things and probably won't take on many review requests if any. I'm sure I'll figure this out eventually! ;)


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