Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday Replay #7 + My All New Writing Blog + Giveaway Hop Update

Sunday Replay is a weekly recap of the postings on this blog. I will also be sharing other articles and newsworthy items I've found interesting. I may even showcase some pictures I've uploaded.

Stuff from the blog this week:

In other news elsewhere on the internet..

And.... just a picture of Max playing with the Swiffer (I couldn't come up with anything to make it into an LOL)...

~Writing Blog~

I did mention this on Thursday, since I posted my first post on it on Thursday, but I felt I should mention it again... I started a writing blog! It's just my name, Jessica Sankiewicz, no special title (mostly because I just couldn't come up with anything that fit). I'm going to try to post at least once a week with writing updates and news. I've found a handful of memes I'm considering participating in to connect with some authors and writers. Once I publish my first book, it will no longer be a writing blog, but an author blog! (Cue me squeeing. ) Please follow it and I'll love you forever!

~Giveaway Hop Update~

As you may have seen, I started sign ups for a giveaway hop to be hosted on this blog Monday. Unfortunately, I have not had much of a response to it. Maybe it's because I asked people to email me to participate. The only reason I chose to do that was because I didn't want to invest money into a Linky tool for giveaway hops until I know I would have enough participation. Maybe I do need a Linky tool after all to make it easier to join. Or maybe I could switch to Google Docs and have people fill out the details that way instead. What do you think?

In any case... Unless I get a few more people to sign up soon, I may have to postpone the hop. Maybe it's better to plan further ahead for giveaway hops anyhow. I was just so anxious to have one that I planned it for this month. Oh well!

Much love to all!



  1. You could try using InLinkz ( - it's what I use for all my hops, reading challenges, Music Monday, etc, and as long as you use text links instead of thumbnails, it's free to use. Free = good. I hope more people sign up!

    1. I should check that out. I noticed you were using it, but I kind of wanted one to attach an email for participants to, but I don't really need it after all. I think I'll sign up for that and start over. I haven't had anyone else aside from you even inquire, so... it will be postponed for a little bit. Oh well! I think I should have done it a couple months in advance instead of two weeks, plus the linky thing. Who knows? I'll figure it out eventually. ;)

    2. Trial and error. I've been talking about it on Twitter and FB and G+, so I'm really bummed. Might just be the time of year? I've seen quite a few hops going on. Next time I'm sure it'll be a big success! ;-)

    3. It was most likely because I rushed it, so I'm not too worried. I'll postpone the "hop" part of it for another time and maybe you and I could just go ahead with it. I have my post all set up and ready to go for next week, so, why not, right? Let me know if that works for you!


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