Sunday, November 18, 2012

Scarlet Read-Along: The Sherwood Forest Feast!

Welcome to the Scarlet Read-Along!

Marie at Ramblings of a Daydreamer and I are proud to present this read-along event to you.

Today you are invited to... The Sherwood Forest Feast! While reading Scarlet by A.C. Gaughen, you can't help but want to live in it for at least a moment in time. So, let's have dinner! What would you bring? What would you wear? Who would you bring? What games would you play? Share pictures, recipes, drawings, and/or descriptions of any or all the above!

Please link up your post in the comments below so I can read and discuss the book with you too!


The Sherwood Forest Feast...

Okay, since I don't really have any pictures (of my own) to share, I'm going to talk about the different things instead!

I would bring... MEAT PIE... because it sounds so good. Here's a recipe I found online. Mmm... now that I'm reading the ingredients, I want to make it! <3

I would wear... A DARK GREEN DRESS... gorgeous and soft and lovely. Like this one I found on Pinterest.

I would bring... MY FRIEND REBECCA... she loves this time period and I'm planning on letting her borrow this book when the read-along is over. ^_^

I would play... ARCHERY... um, obviously because it is AWESOME. Here's a picture from Pinterest.



  1. Ahaha, your comment on mine made me laugh. I had thought of bringing a 'real life' friend too but I don't like many people right now except my mum lmao. I'm having a weird week, what can I say? Actually, I might bring my best childhood friend - I've travelled everywhere with her my whole life, it would seem wrong to go to Sherwood Forest without her.

    DUDE, THAT DRESS! That is exactly what I was picturing in my mind. I could seriously swoon over that dress. I've wanted one like that my whole life. I'd actually rather get married in a dress like that (except maybe white or silvery) than a traditional wedding dress. I want meat pie. I think we'd have a totally rockin' feast and nobody would ever want to leave Sherwood Forest! ;-)

    1. Hehehe! I am a dork. :P I know what you mean though. If my friend wasn't into Robin Hood, I probably wouldn't have been able to pick anyone IRL. :P

      YES! You should totally check Pinterest out for the other medieval dresses, there's a bunch of them that are white and silver and OH SO PRETTY. It was really hard to choose. I started searching and found a bunch of other colors but I had my heart set on green for some reason. It's not even my favorite color!

      Oh yeah, I'm hungry for it too. All this Robin Hood talk is making me want to go to a Renaissance Fest with you! <3

    2. Well, you're in good company, we'll be dorks together lol.

      Green is fitting because it's Robin'd fit right in. I'm going to have to look more on Pinterest...I always get sucked in when I start though!

      Have you ever been to a Renaissance Fest?? I've always always always wanted to go to one. I read this series of books before I started reading YA and the main character lives at a year-round ren faire and works there during the summers as part of whatever she's going to school for. There's even a Sherwood Forest and Robin Hood. I think that would be so cool. And now I want to find the rest of the books in the series and read them lol

    3. I have never been to a renaissance fest! I know a bunch of people who go to them, but I don't hear about it until it's already come and gone. OMG, that would be flipping sweet to have a year-round one! I think they need to make one of those in my area. I would be there every weekend. :)


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