Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday Replay #14 + Oh eBay... + 2013

Sunday Replay is a weekly recap of the postings on this blog. I will also be sharing other articles and newsworthy items I've found interesting. I may even showcase some pictures I've uploaded.

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~Oh eBay...~

So, I spent four hours yesterday listing 69 items on eBay. Yes, four hours; and yes, 69 items. I had to do it. My room is not extraordinarily spacious. Well, it's big, but, I own too much stuff. I have come to the conclusion that this means I need to buy a house. Lol. Actually, no, I just need to get rid of things. And over the next couple weeks, that is what shall happen.


After the Scarlet Read-Along, I am going to need a bit of a break. I have barely been able to do any writing or reading this month (partially due to the eBay thing, and the attempt at reorganizing my room, which will not be complete until the eBay stuff has been shipped, also partially due to working 5 days a week instead of 3 like I was at the old job). So... I need a break to get caught up with everything. I will have reviews scheduled the whole month of December, and you'll still get Update Thursday and Sunday Replay (along with a couple of yearly wrap up posts), but that's about it. Instead, I will be working on some 2013 plans.

I took a gander at my 2012 plans and found myself slightly amused. I thought I took on a reasonable amount of reading challenges... which it WOULD have been had I not purchased so many that didn't count toward them. *facepalm* Also, I promised myself I would have my book published by the end of this year. It's not going to happen. I'm a mix of irritated and okay with it. I wish I could have been more dedicated earlier in the year, but, I don't think my draft would be what it is now had I done more of it then.

Back on point... I'm going to spend the first couple weeks in December figuring out what I want to do for 2013. Then I'll be sharing these changes with you middle of the month. Based on the thoughts I've already been having, it's going to be some pretty big changes. But, that's all I'm gonna say! Muahahaha! ^_^

Much love to all!


  1. I'm interested in these changes! Also...I'm considering doing the same thing - spending this week getting the blog scheduled for December so I can take some time off!

    1. I can't wait to share them! Oh yeah, taking time off sounds like a great idea. I have a feeling a few of us will be doing that. :)

  2. I need to get organized too. I'm always looking at all my stuff and wondering how to get rid of it emotionally so I can physically, you know?

    1. Yeah, that's the hardest part. :( Most of the stuff I'm parting with I don't have much of an attachment to, although some did at one point.

  3. Ooh, changes! *curious* I should open my big '2012' document and see how many things I've managed to get done. It's always kind of amusing/frustrating/maddening. Hopefully I've managed to get some stuff done! lol Good for you getting rid of so much! It may be time consuming, but it'll be worth it. I hope ALL your stuff sells. I've been trying to organize my shelves, and I have books scattered over my entire apartment. After this week, once NaNo's done, I'm going to schedule a bunch of blog posts and then take some time to work on my poor neglected apartment...and catch up on reading. I do think a lot of people will probably be taking breaks in December to gear up for the new obviously those people who celebrate holidays in December. Luckily I'm about a dozen reviews behind, so I can just schedule them all then take a break!

    1. ^_^ Yes, changes. I will reveal all very soon. I was going to write out some ideas last night but didn't have enough time. So I'm doing it tonight... since Castle isn't going to be a new one this week!!! AHHH!!! *ahem* Back on point. It will be worth it. I hope you can get all of that done too, and catch up on reading. :) I think you're right. Everyone seems to be having blogger burnout lately. If I plan things right next month, I should be able to have posts and reviews for all of January and February scheduled so that I can focus on publishing. That will be a good thing. :)


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