Monday, January 7, 2013

The Official List of Review Requests and From Giveaways

Over the course of book blogging, you begin to accumulate a number of books. Some of these are review requests and some are won from giveaways. You try your best to keep up with them but sometimes time just gets away from you. I am usually pretty diligent with review requests, since it was either my request or I accepted the request. When it comes to the giveaway books, I have found that they are harder to keep up with. This bothers me though. I entered the giveaway and was generously given a free copy of the author’s book. I am a book blogger. It is my duty as one to read and review this book to help promote it further.

Since I want to take this seriously, I am going to post this list of all these books that need to be read.

Review Requests:

Uncontrollable by S.R. Johannes (Pub.: September 24th 2012)
Edge Of Disaster by A.M. Hargrove (Pub.: December 20th 2012)
Rapunzel Untangled by Cindy C. Bennett (Pub.: February 12th 2013)
Being Henry David by Cal Armistead (Pub.: March 1st 2013)
Going Vintage by Lindsey Leavitt (Pub.: March 26th 2013)
Pretty Girl-13 by Liz Coley (Pub.: March 19th 2013)
The S-Word by Chelsea Pitcher (Pub.: May 7th 2013)

From Giveaways:

Casey Barnes Eponymous by E.A. Rigg (Pub.: January 1st 2012 )
Streamline by Jennifer Lane (Pub.: March 27th 2012)
Lucid by P.T. Michelle (Pub.: July 7th 2012)
Swipe by Evan Angler (Pub.: May 8th 2012)
Cold Fury by T.M. Goeglein (Pub.: July 24th 2012)
Once Upon A Second Chance by Marian Vere (Pub.: November 6th 2012)
The Bad Always Die Twice by Cheryl Crane (Pub.: September 1st 2011)
Eden’s Root by Rachel Fisher (Pub.: December 17th 2011)
Like Mandarin by Kirsten Hubbard (Pub.: March 8th 2011)



  1. I am so terrible with keeping up with my review books. It seems as though I've been in a review reading slump for a while now. I think I might shut down the review request feature on my blog until further notice. Good luck with your reading :)

    1. I haven't had my review requests open for awhile. I don't mind having a few people request me, but sometimes I just want to pick what I want to read, you know? Thanks a bunch! :D

  2. I need to do this too, maybe make a tab of my pending reviews requested. Right now I have a little notebook I carry that I keep them all noted in, I also need to get on top of my emails too!

    1. I wrote it all on paper so I can cross them off as I go, but I thought I'd go double and put it on here too. :P

  3. I need to do this too. It's so hard to keep up especially with my job now.

    1. I think that's part of it for me now too! Stupid work, lol. :P

  4. I'm really bad about reading books I win too. I won a TON last year and I've only read a handful. I plan to rectify that this year though! Same with galleys and ARCs...I have 4 e-galleys right now, 1 ARC, and I just went on a requesting spree at Edelweiss, so I need to keep up with them. You can do it!

    1. Oh man, it's hard not to go on a requesting spree (or enter a billion giveaways)... lol. That's what happened to me. Thanks sweetie! You can do it too!! :D


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