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Thoughts Weekly Update (13)

Welcome to the Weekly Update here on Thoughts! This is where I will share what books I finished, what I am currently reading, the current word count on my WIP, links from the posts from the last week, and maybe a little something on what's going on in my life.


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Triangles by Ellen Hopkins (-Goodreads-)
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Blaze (Or Love In The Time Of Supervillains) by Laurie Boyle Crompton (-Goodreads-)
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The Latest With Me

So I had every intention to have TWO books finished this week... but that didn't happen. And Dash & Lily ended up expiring since I got it from NetGalley. It had a short amount of time for availability once I downloaded it and I didn't realize it until right before I moved. I was planning on reading it quickly so that I could finish before it expired, but, it didn't happen. SOOO. I will have to see if the library has it so I can finish where I left off.

As you well know, I moved into an apartment on my own last week on Saturday. It went very well, we managed to get everything over here in one day. I spend the rest of the night setting up my kitchen and bathroom. The next day I was so sore from lifting and organizing, but I kept plugging away at it. Then I went to the store to get several things I still needed for the apartment. I got so wrapped up in getting all these things I needed that I completely forgot that I would have to carry it all in by myself when I got home. It took four trips from the car to my apartment. Good times, lol. The funny thing is, I completely forgot a couple things, including lightbulbs for the two lamps I bought AND a mixing bowl for the cookies I wanted to make Sunday night. The cookies still got made, I figured out a way to do it without the mixing bowl. ;)

The rest of the week was filled with work and organizing and having fun. And this weekend has been full of taking care of larger projects, like laundry for the first time while on my own. I put on a couple movies today but they've been more of a distraction than anything, although I managed to take care of some stuff while sitting down watching them, lol. The Sound Of Music is on behind me right now, and it's just nice to have something on in the background. I'll have to put on some music once the movie is over so that I can do some painting for a project I need to have finished by Wednesday. Must get that done! I am way to distracted at the moment and I need to stop doing that!

Living on my own hasn't been too bad. I guess it works for me since I'm so independent. One of my coworkers is convinced that I'll regret my choice in a month because I'll be lonely. I'm sure I'll feel a little bit of loneliness here and there, but it's not like I can't visit my family and friends or have them over here. Plus, I'm considering getting a cat sometime soon. Not that a cat makes up for human contact but cats can be good company, especially since they aren't too needy and they like to cuddle on your lap while you're watching TV. ^_^ I would just get one now but I'd like to have everything set up and be settled in more. So maybe in a month or so.

So anyways, that's about it for the wrap up of my last week! I don't have too much else to report aside from that... plus I have several other things to attend to at the moment and shouldn't stay online much longer, haha.

Hope you had a great weekend!!!



  1. I felt very lonely when I moved out of home for the first time as well. I guess because I have 5 siblings it was a huge change. But you get used to it and will start to enjoy your own company very quickly. Moving is always so exhausting. I'm glad it went well.

    1. Yeah, I spent all my life living with my family so that part is a bit different for me. It will be a new experience, and there are always pros and cons to those. I'm remaining optimistic about it. :) Thanks!

  2. Enjoy the apartment! When I moved in September, I went shopping for stuff and then forgot I had to haul a table and a TV up three flights of stairs. That was fun by myself!

    I personally miss living alone. It's so nice and peaceful. I bet you'll get used to it :)

    1. Oh my goodness! That's why I opted for the first floor apartment, I didn't want to take everything up to the third floor.

      I probably will. I've been managing pretty well so far. :P

  3. YAY Jess, so so glad the move went so well, and despite a few little hinks, you're happy. I just knew you would be. I'm so envious - I wish more than anything I had my own place, somewhere I could decorate and make my own. :D I hope you continue to love it so much, girlie!

    Molli | Once Upon a Prologue

    1. Thank you! It is nice having a place to myself, I have so much decorating to get to once I settle in with everything else. It's going to be fun. :)

  4. I think that because you're so busy you won't really have time to be all that lonely. There's always something to do and you always have something on the go, plus working full time you see people every day. I know it's not the same as having someone to live with, but it's not like you're always home and have no friends, you know? I'm glad everything's going well for you! <3

    1. I think that may be true! I have a lot of stuff to go out and do, plus business stuff (and LOTS of writing stuff) I want to start doing. That's true too, there's always people I'm interacting with. I think sometimes at the end of the work day, it's nice to come home and relax, sometimes being alone makes it better. Thanks sweetie! :D


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