Monday, July 29, 2013

Gilmore Girls Mondays (4)

Welcome to Gilmore Girls Mondays!

I missed a week because I forgot to watch a couple more episodes. So... watched episodes 7 and 8 this time around. Rory's first kiss... and the snowstorm..... great stuff. :)

My favorite quotes this week:

Lorelai: One of us has got to do laundry tonight.
Rory: Why?
Lorelai: Because I haven't had any clean underwear for three days.
Rory: So right now under your skirt you're wearing..?
Lorelai: Not underwear.
Rory: MOM!
Lorelai: Kind of nice actually, breezy.
Rory: My role model ladies and gentlemen.
Rory: So how many times are you gonna listen to that?
Lorelai: Till it stops being sexy.

So, my lovely followers, do you like watching Gilmore Girls? Join in and watch with us!



  1. I am currently rewatching season 2, when Rory is "puffed". I think I missed several episodes about this...but I love the show, too!


    1. I really need to finish season one soon so I can start season two because I haven't seen it yet! I am so behind and would love to be caught up to everyone else. :P

  2. I adore Gilmore Girls, but I only own the seasons with Jess because... well, he's super sexy. I think I've seen every episode at least three or four times. Used to be my favorite show, especially when it was syndicated on ABC family. Love these quotes!

    1. I soooo need to watch season two soon because I haven't seen it and all the Jess love makes me want to see what it's all about! :D

  3. Rory's first kiss was SO CUTE. I still get all flaily over that. :)


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