Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Review: Love the One You're With by Lauren Layne

Title: Love The One You're With
Author: Lauren Layne
Published: December 9th 2013
Source: Copy given by author for honest review
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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Caution: May contain spoilers
As a leading columnist for Stiletto, Grace Brighton has built a career warning women about rotten, cheating liars. She just never suspected her fiancé would be one of them. After Grace takes a heart-mending hiatus, her first assignment is to go on a couple of dates with a counterpart from the men's magazine Oxford and report her impressions. Grace 1.0 may have been instantly smitten with the gorgeous correspondent, but Grace 2.0 has sworn off relationships for six months, and she's not falling for his outstanding bod and trophy-winning kisses... or is she?

Jake Malone wants to get back to the fly-by-night, who-knows-what's-next guy he used to be, and he knows exactly how to do it. Oxford is adding a travel section, and Jake—with no wife and no kids and a willingness to live anywhere, eat anything, do everything—is perfect for the job... except that his playboy reputation makes his new editor nervous. To get the gig, he must agree to a fluffy joint article with Stiletto.

But after just one date with snooty, sumptuous, sensational Grace Brighton, Jake starts taking this assignment a whole lot more seriously...

My Thoughts:

Oh how I love thee, adorable little love stories. After reading and loving Lauren Layne's first novel in this series, I definitely had to request this one... and the third book in the series, which I'll be getting to reading soon. I mean, who could pass up a new story by an author you enjoyed? Not me.

In the second book, we get to hear Grace's story. She and Jake are put together for an article and even though they're pushed into it, they discover that they can enjoy it after all. For Grace, it's nice to have something to focus on after being cheated on by her fiancé. She wants to make some changes in her life with herself. But it's kind of hard to make these changes with gorgeous and wonderful Jake around. Okay, make that very hard. I don't think I could resist either.

Love the One You're With is a great second book in what should be an awesome series. Grace and Jake are super cute together, I couldn't stop enjoying their interactions. Lauren Layne has done it again and I definitely can't wait to see what book number three has in store!

My Rating:


  1. Ooo I don't remember seeing this. I'll so have to check it out. Sounds pretty cute :) Thanks Jessica!

    1. I discovered them on NetGalley, and I'm glad I did! :)

  2. I think there's another book with this same title.

  3. Wow so many books read! You're making great headway in your reading challenge. This one sounds like a light fluffy read for a rainy day!

    1. I think I set the bar too low this year. ;) It is exactly that!


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