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Review: Something Borrowed by Adriana Hunter

Title: Something Borrowed
Author: Adriana Hunter
Published: December 18th 2013
Source: Copy given by author for honest review
Genre: New Adult Contemporary
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Caution: May contain spoilers
What do you do when the one man you were meant to be with already belongs to another?

For Dana Marshall, new wedding planner and curvy single, "always the bridesmaid, never the bride" seems to be the story of her life. But when she is assigned to assist popular wedding planner Vienna Saunders in managing a dream wedding for an important client, nothing can prepare her for the face-to-face encounter with the insanely handsome groom, Benjamin Carter. Sparks fly, and the chemistry between them is undeniable. Except he doesn't belong to Dana. He's off limits, forbidden and if she ever expects to walk away from the job with her heart still intact she needs to play by the rules. Except as far as true love is concerned, rules are meant to be broken.

My Thoughts:

I suppose it's fair to say I expected a lot more from this story. Something more, something for me to root for, to believe in. But it just wasn't there.

Not to say that Dana and Benjamin didn't have the "sparks" we were told existed, because, yeah, they did, to some degree. But I didn't quite believe it entirely. The progression of the story just felt so dull and you didn't feel the pressure, you know? I mean, they're not supposed to be falling for each other. And when it gets down to it, it feels like there was a ribbon around the story that got tied into a bow in the end.

Something Borrowed could have been a better story with more depth. I found myself skimming for the most part because I was so bored. It had the potential, Dana and Benjamin's romance did. But it played out poorly and left me hanging.

My Rating:


  1. Aw that's disappointing. Always sad when you just don't feel it and end up skimming. Hope the next goes better!

    1. It happens once in awhile, but I'll bounce back with another great one! :)

  2. I'm always a bit wary of stories where one of the lovers is meant to marry someone else. It's really hard for a book to win me over when it begins like that. Too bad it wasn't one you loved.

    1. I was just hoping they'd give me a GOOD reason, then it would've actually been a good story. Oh well!

  3. Aww that's too bad. It sounded like it could have been good. Sorry it fell flat.

    1. It does, doesn't it? It happens sometimes.


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