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Review: Unlikely by Sylvie Fox

Title: Unlikely
Author: Sylvie Fox
Published: November 26th 2013
Source: Copy given by author for honest review
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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Caution: May contain spoilers
There are only two things Sophie Reid doesn't do: lawyers and sex.

When sexy lawyer Ryan Becker stumbles into her life, her first two thoughts are “no,” and “definitely no.” After Sophie and Ryan rescue a dog from certain death on the Hollywood Freeway, they share one smoldering kiss. Sophie knows a potential train wreck when she sees it and leaves the dog and Ryan at the pound knowing she’ll never see either of them again.

Poor kid turned corporate attorney, Ryan vowed he’d get an education, succeed, and be welcomed in the front door of the most stately homes in Beverly Hills. Now that his career is on an upward trajectory, he is ready to settle down. Unfortunately, the women he has been meeting haven’t set his heart racing. Enter: Sophie.

A master of persuasion by profession, Ryan convinces Sophie to pursue their undeniable mutual attraction. But Ryan’s quest to be a success at the very occupation she reviles rankles her.

When a Hollywood union strikes, Ryan and Sophie find themselves on opposite sides of the bargaining table. Can their sparks in the bedroom overcome their standoff in the boardroom?

My Thoughts:

I love finding hidden gems in the enormous pile of new adult and contemporary romance. I was a little iffy on this one at first, but I pressed on and discovered a very sweet story. It's nice to get a pleasant surprise like that.

Sophie and Ryan get along well enough, but Sophie isn't a fan of lawyers, which causes her to keep Ryan at a distance. When their paths cross again, there's a chance she might be swayed, maybe. I found it to be a very realistic romance, where it wasn't all roses from the beginning. It took awhile for them to appear and they came together more naturally that way.

Unlikely was an unexpected but enjoyable read. I read the second book in this series around the same time as this one, and the tie-in of each story with the other made it all the more enjoyable. I'm very interested in seeing what else Sylvie Fox has in store, maybe more in this series? Even if not, still interested!

My Rating:


  1. Aw love finding ones like that. I haven't tried her but might have to now :)


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