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Review: No Regrets by Claire Kent

Title: No Regrets
Author: Claire Kent
Published: July 22nd 2014
Source: Copy given by author for honest review
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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Caution: May contain spoilers
On my last birthday, I made one vow for the year. Live with no regrets. Eleven months have passed, though, and nothing has changed. I still sleep alone, spend my life working, and never move out of my comfort zone.

Then the loss of my dog throws my whole life out of orbit, and I end up in bed with a very hot and slightly-too-young veterinarian, who has recently made a vow of his own. Live with no strings. Josh is more than happy to help me with the things I’ve been afraid to try. Semi-public sex. Spanking. Anal sex. He’s a willing partner for everything I’ve wondered about, as long as I don’t demand more.

He’s serious about his no-strings philosophy. As serious as I am about living with no regrets. I can’t help but fall for him, even though I know better. So my biggest regret might be a broken heart.

My Thoughts:

As always, Claire Kent's stories pack a punch and they dive right into everything in the first few chapters. Who needs build-up? Not me! Not with this story. It starts off strong and then builds up even MORE as the story goes on.

Leslie is someone I feel I have a bond with, being determined to make changes, living with no regrets. Throw in Josh, this guy you can't help but be drawn to. You know there's something below the surface with him, and even on the surface he's amazing. Put these two together and you have something combustible... and that can be in the good way and the bad way. But like any great romance, there's a lot more to the story.

No Regrets is a brilliantly told story. I loved how the characters were in their mid-late 30s--it added a little more to the plot for me, more depth, more understanding. Claire Kent never ceases to amaze or weave intricate romances that go further than initial attraction, and the stories so realistic in every way. As always... gonna keep picking up her work!

My Rating:

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