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Review: Breaking by Claire Kent

Title: Breaking
Author: Claire Kent
Published: June 26th 2013
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Genre: Adult Contemporary
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Caution: May contain spoilers
He spent years selling his body, having sex with women for money. He could please them better than anyone else.

Now he has only one woman to please.

He knows what to do with her body. He wants her, needs her, takes her--until she can't take any more.

But what they have is so much more than bodies moving together. He loves her, loves her, loves her.

He still doesn't always know how.

My Thoughts:

When Escorted was over, I didn't expect to see any more of the story. But I found out there was this little novella and I knew I had to read, especially when I found out it was going to be from Ander's perspective.

Ander is going through something and he isn't being upfront about it with Lori. She doesn't know what to do, what to say. You can feel the struggle he's going through, and you want so much to help him through it, whatever it is. Despite this, the two of them still have their remarkable passion... and once they pull through, you can feel the weight lifted.

Breaking is one of those heartbreakingly real stories. The feels are genuine, and so is the pain. I really liked seeing Ander and Lori's story continued, and I'm glad that Claire Kent told it to us. Although I don't expect any more of their story told, I love them enough to want to see more, and that shows how great the story really is.

My Rating:

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