Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Review: A SEAL's Fantasy by Tawny Weber

Title: A SEAL's Fantasy
Author: Tawny Weber
Published: August 19th 2014
Source: Copy given by author for honest review
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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Caution: May contain spoilers
Subject: Navy SEAL Lieutenant Dominic Castillo

Mission: Protect—not seduce!—his sexy target

Dominic Castillo loves his SEAL team like brothers—except one, who made sure Castillo was left behind during the latest mission. But when his rival is kidnapped by a vicious drug lord, Castillo receives a black ops mission of his own: protect his rival's sister. And any mistakes will either result in her death…or his.

Lara Banks clearly has no interest in being protected by a military man, especially an acquaintance of her estranged brother. So why is she doing her best to drive him crazy with pure temptation? Lara insists on having her naughty way with him—over and over—but is fulfilling their fantasies worth the price?

My Thoughts:

This is one of those lovely stories that catches you by surprise. I didn't expect to be so drawn into the story, so in love with the characters and their lives. I ended up reading it in just two sittings--started a few chapters one night before bed, then finished the rest the following morning without stopping. It was a wonderful feeling and I love these kinds of stories, because they're rare.

Lara's a hard shell to crack, extremely stubborn, but with good reason. Enter Dominic, and everything is thrown off course. He's supposed to be protecting her, but she wants none of it. However, it's kinda hard to not let him protect her when she is clearly in danger. The longer they're together, the closer they get. The one thing I loved the most about the two of them is their willingness to accept each other no matter what. Often, people try to change people, and that just leads to underlying bitterness for the part of you that someone tries to take away. Love should change you into a better person, not change your personality. I really liked how that dynamic was brought out with their relationship.

A SEAL's Fantasy was everything I could hope for in a novel, and more. Dominic and Lara are dynamite together, and I loved every minute of their time together, especially their deep conversations. And now I need to get my hands on all the other SEALs books by Tawny Weber because it's just that awesome.

My Rating:


  1. I always love the girls needs protection trope. Especially when the girl doesn't believe she needs protecting at all. That always means lots of fun. Glad you enjoyed this one!

    1. Hehe, I know, right? It's always fun. :)

  2. Oh man. Yes very rare to find one like that. I think I have another one of hers somewhere on the tablet. I'll have to dig around and find it.

    1. It's a must read... so I can imagine the others are too! :)


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