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Review: The End of Feeling by Cindy C. Bennett

Title: The End Of Feeling
Author: Cindy C. Bennett
Published: March 31st 2014
Source: Copy given by author for honest review
Genre: Young Adult Contemporary
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Caution: May contain spoilers
Benjamin Nefer seems to have it all. He’s the most popular guy in school, the star quarterback with college scouts looking at him, his grades are near the top of his class, he can get any girl he wants . . . but he hides behind his dream life to mask the nightmare of his reality.

Charlie Austin is the new girl. Forced to move in with a bitter aunt, she only wants to protect her fragile mom from the world’s cruelty. When Benjamin sets his sights on Charlie, she’s armored against his charm—friends warned her about Benjamin’s game of pursuing and then dumping a long line of girls, not caring about the broken hearts he leaves behind. She doesn’t count on how single-minded he can be when she refuses him, or how charismatic, easing into her life through what he claims is just friendship.

Benjamin thought he could keep Charlie in the same place he keeps all girls—something to be used and then discarded. But Charlie has as many secrets as he does, secrets he’s determined to discover while keeping his own hidden. He realizes she’s the perfect girlfriend candidate . . . someone he can use to keep up the fa├žade of a perfect life. Now he just has to keep his frozen heart from softening toward this unique girl, because if he doesn’t, his carefully constructed lies might just come thundering down around him, crushing him beneath the burden of feeling.

My Thoughts:

It's no secret that every time I read a book by Cindy C. Bennett, I fall in love with it. I honestly have no idea how I'm even going to write this review because there are just no words to explain how wonderful this story is. I can't remember where my eyes became so glued to the page, but once they did, I was up for hours after my bedtime wanting to know what happens, needing to know.

On the surface, Benjamin seems like a player, and everyone warns Charlie to be careful with him. But Benjamin can't keep away from her, so they become friends. Of course, as much as they try to deny it or pretend, they aren't just friends. The reality of where their friendship is leading is coming to the forefront... and the parts of their lives they've hoped to remain a secret might not stay hidden anymore. They fall for each other, slowly and beautifully.

The End Of Feeling is achingly beautiful. The relationship between Benjamin and Charlie from friends to possibly more than friends was full of emotion. Their lives are different than others, and I loved how Cindy developed them, and the story. The secrets surprised me, but the way Benjamin and Charlie handle it makes me want to hug them ten times over. I don't think it's possible to adore a story more. You must read and find out for yourself. Seriously.

My Rating:

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