Monday, October 6, 2014

Quote-tastic (2): Then indulge me...Have something to eat... Wanted: Wife by Gwen Jones

Welcome to Quote-tastic, which comes from the ever-awesome Anna at Herding Cats & Burning Soup! The point is to share a quote that grabbed you every Monday. I hope to be able to do this as many Mondays as possible. ^_^


This week I'm featuring...

Wanted: Wife by Gwen Jones

I just want to say, before I post this quote, that this book FOR ALL SERIOUSNESS has become my FAVORITE of the year. There's just something about it that made me swoon like crazypants. Not like crazy, like crazypants. I adored this novel SO MUCH that I bought the paperback even though I had it on my Nook. You know that I love a book when I buy a paperback after already owning it on my Nook. That's absolute LOVE. Anyways... on to the quote... the start of one of my favorite scenes.

"Then indulge me." He lifted a peach slice. "Have something to eat."

I could smell it: fragrant, luscious. Like him. Yet... "I told you--I'm not hungry."

"Liar." His eyes drooped to half-mast, and he leaned in, his breath on my cheek, scented cabernet. "They come from my own orchard. Our  orchard. Taste one."

The slice glistened in the shafted light, deep yellow and ruby-rimmed. He pinched it between his fingers, a tiny drop of juice hanging on. Suddenly, my presumptions began to wither, not mention my feigned disinterest, But I couldn't let him unhinge me. "Believe me, I'm not hungry." But I was.

"Just a taste." He held it to my lips. "One taste..."  My traitorous mouth cracked open, and that infinitesimal drop found its way inside. I swallowed.

"Tu sens si bon..." he said softly, tracing the cool peach across my lips.

"O-Ohh..." I groaned, startled, as if caught on a live wire. I sucked it back.

"Ça y est, ma petite..." he growled, grinning, feeding me another, and another. "C'est bon, n'est-ce pas?" He pinched another slice, a plum, leaning in to pin me against the wall. My heart thumped wildly, especially when he brushed his nose against my hair and whispered, "Goûtes," before slipping the fruit between my trembling lips.

"Goûtes," he breathed against my mouth, his thumb tracing my jaw line, my bones going to liquid. "Goûtes-moi."

The dish crashed to the floor. My heart skipped a beat.

It was all I could do to think, breathe. "Très belle... très belle," he murmured, his mouth falling over mine.


*passes out from swooning*

What's your favorite quote this week? Let me know in the comments!



  1. OOo I've not tried her before. Love that it made you crazypants. That's so funny!

    1. Sooo worth picking up! :D And hehehe!


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