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Review: Her Wicked Heart by Ember Casey

Title: Her Wicked Heart
Author: Ember Casey
Published: February 28th 2014
Source: Won in a giveaway
Genre: New Adult Contemporary
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Caution: May contain spoilers
Once, Louisa “Lou” Cunningham had everything. Now, she has nothing to lose.

Her father’s dead. Her family’s fortune is gone. She’s drifting, and she’d rather lose herself in the arms of her sexy program director (or anyone, really) than deal with the turmoil inside of her.

But even the wildest spirit can’t run forever. Lou knows that in order to move on with her life, she has to go back. And that means returning to the estate she once called home—even if that estate is now a luxury tourist attraction called Huntington Manor.

At Huntington Manor, she’s no longer Lou Cunningham. She’s Addison Thomas, assistant to the hotel’s General Manager. Infiltrating her old home might be one of her crazier schemes, but she’s ready for the challenge. What she’s not ready for is Ward, the sexy Casanova of a contractor who keeps stumbling across her path. As much as she’d love to forget about her issues in the depths of his azure blue eyes, she’s here to heal, not fall back into bad habits. Even if he has the most delicious set of biceps she’s ever seen. Even if he might be the only one who understands what she really needs...

My Thoughts:

I was looking forward to this one for a long, long, long time after reading all three books in the His Wicked Games series. There was a little tease of Lou at the end of it, and I was curious, although a little irritated with her attitude. But, I had to know what was going on in her head.

The story starts with a bang, er, a very steamy kiss. Lou and Ward... now that's what I call instant chemistry! Sadly, though, Lou has a lot going on in her mind, and she appears pretty flighty in some of her choices. But she's learning how to move on in life--trying to, anyway--so you can't hold it against her. She and Ward draw closer as the days pass, and like two magnets, they attract. He doesn't know who she really is, though. What would happen when all the cards are on the table?

Her Wicked Heart is a brilliant continuation to the world created in His Wicked Games. You're pulled in immediately, and you're held there until the very end because you need to know what will happen to Lou with all her lies, and what's next for her and Ward. There's a lot of emotion, and a lot of heartbreak, but not in the way you think. Ember Casey just knows how to keep you hanging on and wanting more.

My Rating:

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