Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Bucket List #1: Organize This Place and Take Care of Business (November)

Welcome to The Bucket List, a fun little thing the great Anna at Herding Cats & Burning Soup said I could join in with her on. What you do is pick out some things that you want to do/need to do for the month. It can be something small or it can be a huge project. It's all up to you. There are a lot of things I need to get caught up on or need to give myself a little bit of motivation to get together. Feel free to join in!


Okay... so here's what's going on for me. My apartment is, well, a disaster. I kinda start projects, start organizing, start gathering stuff to sell or donate... aaannnddd... it doesn't get finished. Ever. Or, maybe a couple bits of it does, but there's still like 90% of it sitting there waiting around to be worked on.

Here's what my living room looks like:

That's right. I can't even sit on my couch.

This is pretty much a normal occurrence at my place. I'll tidy up for company, but that's just basically shoving stuff into boxes and stacking them to the moon and out of the way. There's space to walk around (or dance if you so choose, which, sometimes I do), but the crap is still there. All unfinished projects. Some of that is stuff to donate to Goodwill, some for eBay and Etsy, and a lot of the rest of it that's staying just needs organized. BADLY.

Like take the stuff on these shelves:

I have all sorts of stuff UP on them, but not even remotely SET UP. Just thrown on there, and I find I'm very annoyed with it. I've been living here for, what, 6 months now, and I can't even decorate for crap. Just, "Hey, here's your pretty stuff." *shoves on shelf* "Good enough." Plus, there are two big pictures to put on the wall behind that shelf. FAIL.

Then here's my dining room and extra closet:

All of that needs to be sorted out to be put away, donated, listed online... some of it just thrown away. Because my laziness has gotten ridiculous.

And then there's my bedroom:

The books are relatively organized, but everything else surrounding it is not. I started to organize--all those photo boxes on the floor are empty--but I didn't finish. Just left it where it was. And my closet? I just... I can't even...

Okay, so what am I going to do about it?

Well, this project certainly will take longer than just a month to complete... so I'm gonna give myself until the end of the year, but hope that I can get it done sooner. As of March 2015, I'll be having to move... AGAIN... (Thanks to my apartment complex changing over to 18 month leases instead of 12 month.) So, I get to pack everything up ALL OVER AGAIN and move. Thankfully, I should be moving within like 5 miles of where I am, so that's a good thing. BUT! That's another reason for the need to fix all the above--the less CRAP I have to take with me again, THE BETTER. There are a lot of things that just need to GO.

So, first step is going to be getting rid of stuff that's not needed. Everything I don't want and can't sell is going in the trash, given to friends, or getting donated to Goodwill. Once that stuff is gone, then I need to get the rest of my stuff for Etsy and eBay together--pictures taken and everything listed. Anything that doesn't sell on there by the end of the year--you guessed it--going to Goodwill. I don't have the time or patience for it anymore. Then, all the stuff I'm keeping needs to be organized and shelved accordingly. Not to mention, might as well pack away the stuff I have no use for so that I don't have to worry about it in March.

The bottom line: I just want my place to be pretty. 

It can look lived in (because why shouldn't it?), but it needs to be far less like a tornado came through. The clutter is cluttering up my mind, keeping me from focusing on more important things. And it's no fun having to clean up before company comes over, so might as well make that easier, too!

Alright everyone! Have you got anything you need to take care of in November?



  1. Yay for joining in! That's quite the project but you can so do it. By the end of the year is a great timeline. And once you get the things you're not keeping out of the way it'll make a huge difference I'm sure. I need to follow your lead on that. My couch...looks pretty much like yours right now. lol Good luck with the sorting and organizing!

    1. Thanks! Oh, man... the couch. I actually took stuff off of it for company and it's like OMG I CAN SIT ON YOU AGAIN! Lol. :P


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