Monday, December 15, 2014

Review: Seducing the Princess by Diane Alberts

Title: Seducing the Princess
Author: Diane Alberts
Published: December 15th 2014
Source: Copy given by author for honest review
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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Caution: May contain spoilers
He'll give her exactly what she needs…

Protecting a princess is not what former marine Gordon Waybrook signed up for when he joined the Shillings Agency. But instead of the spoiled, regal little creature he expects, Isabelle VanGuard is a fiery, sexy-as hell woman who's been denied what she needs for too long. And he's just the man to break through her frozen public facade and give it to her.

When she's with Gordon, all Isabelle can think about is pleasure. Their blistering chemistry is immediate and intense, but volatile. In fact, the only thing they agree on is that their one night together is just that—one night. Even after it becomes more. But tempers and temptation can't disguise reality. Isabelle is a princess, and a hot, hard, and tattooed bodyguard isn't the Prince Charming her country expects…even if he's exactly what she needs.

My Thoughts:

Now this story is one to check out! A princess being protected by a strong military man? Yes, please. And another book by Diane Alberts? Yes, definitely.

From the second this book starts, you are drawn in. I enjoyed watching Gordon break down Isabelle's defenses, teaching her about life beyond being prim and proper. And I loved seeing Isabelle give in to it. Her royal obligations--to marry to benefit her country--is something that she believes is necessary to do. The idea of marrying someone for love isn't a possibility. Being with Gordon, however, is stirring up emotions in her that she never imagined she could have when she marries. But is it possible that she could marry the person she wants to marry, and not the person her family expects her to?

Seducing the Princess completely pulled me into the story. Seeing everything play out--the back and forth and the emotions and the possibilities--it was just spectacular. When Gordon and Isabelle are together, the sparks FLY. I just loved it. The ending was so lovely. I could read it over and over!

My Rating:


  1. Oh love her books. She was on the blog for an interview this weekend. I'm totally going to have to check this one out. It sounds fab!


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