Friday, May 13, 2011

Lost my BTT & Update Thursday #6

...and that makes me sad. BUT, I will move on... I noticed one comment on there, but couldn't respond to it... so here's my shout out to the lovely blogger (and I can't remember your name, I'm sorry!) who commented: Thanks a bunch for following back! :)

How about this... I'll write a couple things here that are kinda relevant from yesterday that I remember...

1. I was anxious for the latest Bones from last night... and after watching it... OMG. Wow. Finale next week.

2. Have a couple book orders on the way, including a few books for a future giveaway! Not sure when I'll host it, probably beginning of summer. I think I'd like to hit 100 followers, but if I don't I'll still host one sometime in June.

3. I love the Jessica Darling series. I missed the commentary on social and high school life.

My BTT: Yes, I read teen/YA novels, even though I'm 25. And I have the tendency to read kids books because I'm a firm believer in holding on to your childhood. I also read books a few grades ahead of me when I was in school too. :)

That's all I remember... it's so hot outside, I am tired! But I'm going to do my Follow Friday post in a minute here. Thank goodness we all survived the update! I was so happy to be able to log in fifteen minutes ago.

Oh, and by the way to LC's Adventures in Libraryland, I did have your button on my page yesterday prior to the "spring cleaning", and I'm putting it back up there today.


PS: It came back!!! Yay!!!

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