Saturday, May 28, 2011

Shelving Saturday #1 + news

May I present a little meme of a friend of mine called "Shelving Saturday". It is hosted by Angie @ Eastern Sunset Reads. She poses a question about shelving dilemmas and everyone answers. Once you write your own out, don't forget to post the link to her blog post. ^_^

This week's question is how do you decide what genre shelf you put your books on, if you shelve by genre? Do you go by what the book store has it shelved under? Or do you read it and then decide for yourself where the book belongs?

I was keeping my Kathy Reichs and also my more "adult" books (which are more like memoirs and non-teen or twenty something novels) separate from my Young Adult. Then I just mixed them all together. I'm at a bit of a standstill as far as keeping things in separate spots. I have all my childhood books (chapter books, old ones and newer purchases) on one shelf. Another shelf contains my Anne Of Green Gables series, other L.M. Montgomery novels, and my comic books, and by comic books I don't mean graphic novels, I mean Garfield, Calvin and Hobbes, The Far Side, etc. Then my YA/other fiction novels comprise of 5 shelves, which also feature sideways turned writing reference books and other various non-categorized books. Then a couple more shelves have all of my other reference books (dictionaries, thesauruses, psychology, etc.)

I've kind of just given up on sorting that stuff out for now. I'll probably just suddenly organize it one of these days, just like my closet the other night, lol. Thought that would never get done...

Oh yes! And my news... which I've mentioned in some comments made on other posts and in my What's Your Status post... I bought myself a Nook finally! So excited. I wanted to start downloading books right away, but I'm going to wait until I get the Nook in my hands, hopefully by the end of this coming week. I should be able to read more books when I get this. And it may actually sort of help with my shelving situations as well. ^_^



  1. Wow! You are so much more organized than I am, sounds like you have a system down! Congrats on the nook! If you want me to lend you any books just let me know ;)

    Thank you for joining me for shelving saturday!

  2. Congrats on you're Nook! Reading from computer screens gives me a headache so I'm worried about getting an e-reader. Good to know I'm not the only one who's not horribly organized with my books.

  3. I'll have to take pictures of my shelves for next week. A before and after. And I probably will borrow some books from you. I'll make sure I get a few good ones that you'd be interested in to return the favor. ^_^ And I was concerned about reading on a screen myself, because sometimes when I'm on the computer for too long my eyes hurt... but I heard good things about the e-readers, so I have high hopes. :)


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